Stone Street Capital - Nonpayment

A warning to my fellow notaries: I performed a difficult signing for Chris Y. at Stone Street Capital on January 8, 2019 (2.5 hours, difficult signer). Chris promised to pay $125, and I invoiced them accordingly. After many emails and texts to him - and he responded to all of them saying he would check on it and make sure I got paid - I still haven’t been paid. They aren’t the only settlement company that I’ve had a nonpayment issue with over the years. So, I’m done. No more settlement companies for me!

Get his phone number and call him. Every day! He will get tired of all the calls and emails. Or if you want to post his email here on the forum maybe if he gets hundreds of emails about not paying you maybe he will do so. I will send an email.

Call their toll free # 866-416-5118, ask for Accounts Payable, get a good contact in that department, get their email address and email them your invoice directly, and get paid. Just by-pass Chris Y., go right to source. If A/P blows you off, ask for Controller, the CFO. Keep call, and you get paid.

Call the lender (mortgage loan officer) and see if they can help get you paid.