Strange situation

I took an assignment yesterday from Cloud Signings for tomorrow at 10am. I confirmed with the signer last night. Today the signer called me and said they already had it notarized and completed so they were canceling the appointment. I asked if they had contacted their lender and they said yes. I immediately contacted Cloud Signings and told them what the signer had told me. They said they would contact title and to keep the appointment for now. That was 3:30 this afternoon. It’s now almost midnight with no information. What do I do if I don’t hear anything back before the appointment time? Do I call the signer again to confirm again before I go?

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NO, you call Cloud and have them put FULL FEE/NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS in writing or NoGo. They aren’t the greatest payers to begin with. Do a search!


FYI Cloud Signing is 60-day terms, I did not realize this until 30 days after a signing with them. I am still waiting to get paid. However, Ever Cloud paid me in 8 days after a signing with them!


Ended up being a moot point as they removed me from the assignment for posting here. Moving on. :slight_smile:


That could be considered “tortious interference” on their part - interfering with your business - you said nothing bad about them so no reason.

Personally, I think they just took you off cuz it was a no-go -

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Sounds more like they booked 2 notaries. Signer said they’d already signed.
It’s more likely the TC messed up as Cloud knew nothing about it until the next day when they cancelled with you.

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I’ve seen the mis assigned 2 notaries before. Just mske sure you save all of the emails. If there were conversations, be sure and send confirmation emails stating your conversation as you understood it. I would insist on getting fully paid. Signing service messed up. Be overlynpolite though -as in, " i understand these errors happen, but i was not informed (by the signor) until i had blocked out the time and printed the materials. " etc.

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It’s happened often that I will print and the order gets canceled. I’ve never gotten a print fee unless I’ve made the trip. In this climate of so few signings, demanding a print fee might be a mistake. Hate feeling that way, but unfortunately it may be true.

Guess no one listens to warnings about some companies.

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So they said BECAUSE U POSTED HERE you were removed
Nice to know signing companies monitor these threads
I would bill for full payment.
They fouled up at title it appears

Did they tell you that?? WOW.

Yes, ma’am. In all fairness, I had posted: “(yes, I know about the bad reviews)” and later removed that part after I got their message. I guess they were offended by it but I knew people would mention that so I just put that remark on there that I already knew about them. :woman_shrugging: