Struggling to Get Signings as a Signing Agent

Hey everyone,

I could use your valuable opinions and advice regarding a challenge I’m facing as a signing agent. Despite my best efforts, I’m having trouble securing signings. I recently became a signing agent, registered on multiple signing service platforms, obtained a $100k E&O insurance, and have an impressive professional resume. However, I’m still not getting any signings.

I would greatly appreciate any insights you can provide. What do you think I might be doing wrong? Why am I unable to land any signings? Your input and advice would be immensely helpful.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.

An observation here:

I did a search of this database - there are 99 other notaries listed here when I input your zip code; also did a search on NotRot - there are at least 25 premier members listed there before your name comes up as a Basic member. IOW - you have a TON of competition - you’re going up against notaries with extensive years and experience doing signings.

I would be curious to know why you decided to enter the signing agent side of the business - business is at an all-time low and even veterans are struggling to keep their businesses going.

P.S. Yes I’m in Florida but nowhere near you and I don’t do loan signings any more, so not your competition… :slight_smile:

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Try finding signing services local to you. I have a list of 800, that i barely have gotten through. Are you logged on your signing services site to accept jobs as they pop up?
Are you on google, Thumbtack or anything like that i get alot of direct business from my marketing.
Make sure you are fidelity approved, go around to all your area closing companies and talk to them. Email area lawyers.
Not sure what the above person is talking about but its work out there but don’t put your eggs all in signing services. I think most of the people who quit just sign up for a bunch of services but didn’t take the business any further. Get out there you got this. My first month not much happened but I have signings on a daily basis now, too much work sometimes and people who I talk to all say they are looking for notaries. Expand to different parts of Notary work, weddings, maybe even do some field work.
Go to real estate meetups, hope this helps

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The key to Real Estate is location, location, location…so is the notary business. There are a few notaries that are busy, the majority of them are not. The advice you’re offering is right out of LSS material. A search of this forum will that many LSS graduates aren’t doing as well as you describe.


You have to start somewhere! This is one of the 100 services I provide.
I have been doing general notary work for about 6 years.
I appreciate your insight!
Although times are slow right now, it won’t be slow forever!

How do I increase my profile for NotRot?
I am signed up with every signing service in the book.
Also, what are good tips that you do for your general notary/loan signings?

Thank you for your help!

What is the list of signing services that you have?
I am currently signed up with everyone that I can find.

I am on all social media platforms and I market myself fairly well.
As I stated in my other reply, this is not my only service and I do agree that I should not put all my eggs in one basket.

I just want some advice/tips to finding new work as starting out.

LSS? Loan Signing System I’m guessing… but I never took that class or whatever was too high for free information that I found myself :slight_smile: I just spoke on what I do to help. Good Luck @collin :slight_smile:

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You seem to have missed my point, or I didn’t clearly communicate. What you’re reporting seems like your experience is an outlier, not part of the broader experience across the Real Estate landscape. Most of our colleagues are reporting slow business activity and low fee offering. I could stay very busy if I took $50 signings, but would be loosing money on each engagement. Nationally Real Estate had slowed down from the highs during the COVID crisis. Today many of fellow NSAs are reporting this is the slowest market they’ve seen in the last 30 years. I’m sure there are pockets of busy, but as I’ve already these are outliers, not the middle of the bell curve.

If you’re doing more than SA work, as I am, then you might be busy. You need to clarify this fact, as many who are on this platform don’t have a second income stream.

As a side note I didn’t state you participated in LSS training system. I stated that your comments mirror what LSS teaches. LSS material often over exaggerates what an NSA earn.


we are all slow, even those of us who have been doing this for a long time. If you have a day job don’t quit. Ever since interest rates went up notary signings went down… don’t fall for all of the get rich quick schemes you see on tik tok & instagram those gurus are making money of new hungry notaries. Its slow out there


@collin Here are a couple of threads that you may find insightful . . .


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Yes, I agree. I have been doing general notary work for about 6 years.
I wanted to increase my notary work with RON and LSA.

Times are slow now. But again, this is a marathon not a sprint.

Thank you for the kind advice.

Don’t pay that high price. Learn the same thing from notary training school less than $60

Do you have a Google Business Profile that’s complete and updated regularly? Hope so!

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