Suggestion needed for newbie

Hi Everyone,

I am a mom for new born and found notary signing agent may be a good fit for my flexible schedule in future in order to take care my baby.

I have finished the 6 hour class for notary public and have scheduled the notary signing agent class in July.

My question is–do you suggest I should go through the process and get the commission (finish bond oath) asap? or I can take time and do the mortgage signing agent class in July first?
Since I can only study and take the exam in the spare time while taking care of my baby.

what is the best process for me in order to save some time?

any other tips or suggestions you could give me as a newbie at this point?


get commission now because some people have been waiting months

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@ ekiluangoodluck

You say you finished the 6-hour class but have you passed your test? I would suggest you get your commission first for one simple reason - you must have your commission in order to act as a signing agent for loan signings. And from what I’ve heard, your state is taking a very long time to process commissions. If you do the signing agent certifications before your commission, you may start getting calls for loan signings, which you’ll have to turn down as you’re not prepared, thereby possibly burning bridges in the process (if you have to say no to too many offers they’ll stop contacting you).

What I would suggest while you wait for your commission is getting your basics in line for your business - develop a business plan, look at your options for equipment and requirements (laser printer, scanner, E&O insurance or professional liability insurance, EIN, business cards, website, etc etc) so you know how much out-of-pocket expenses you’re going to have just to get set up and started (not counting your commission expenses) - if you’re not sure how to develop those or the proper way to open a small business, look into a SCORE office to help you set up your small business. Work up a profile for your advertising that will be ready to go when have all your ducks in a row.

In the meantime, study your notary laws and make sure you know them COLD. Companies WILL ask you to do things that you should not simply because “all the other notaries do it” - and their goal is to get their loan signed and funded; make sure you know what you’re legally authorized to do as opposed to what goes against your own state’s notary laws…and stand your ground

Good luck to you on your new endeavor. And congratulations on your new baby!

P.S. one more quick thing (my apologies) - click on the “Find A Notary” tab up above and search your city, state or zip code - you’ll see how much competition you’re up against, keeping in mind that shows only the notaries listed on this site - you can also google your zip code, county, city for “notary public” and see how many there are in your area. This will give you an idea of how many notaries you’re competing with for work.

Again, good luck


Thank you GreenHunter.
I have just scheduled the written exam to be on 7/11 and signing agent class on 7/10.

Thanks again for the advice I will search around and do more homework!