Suggestions on scanners

Hello everyone…will be purchasing my 1st scanner, I was advised to purchase Brother 2700W…is a little too much for me right now. Can some recommend a scanner that will similar to one suggested?

This was suggested to me…

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I purchased the Epson workforce ES-200 and it’s portable as well. Pretty compact and has worked well so far. It was $219 at staples. Really a time saver!

Scanners and printer costs seem to be rising… I don’t know if that’s due to the influx of notaries in the industry but I purchased my Brother HL-L6200dwt in August for $289.99 from Walmart online and it’s now on Amazon for $700+
I use the Epson WF-400 scanner purchased used on Facebook merchants page for $175 but it’s new for over $300 on Amazon. It seems to scan quickly – just read the instructions and it should work perfectly for you. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for reply ; I will check it out

Thank you K I shop Staples a lot I will check it out

Hi there, yes I noticed many have commented on price increase. Well I thank you for your reply and information …I have some shopping to do :grinning:

I would recommend an Epson 500DW. It is a little bit costly but you will get the best results from it.
Stacey Richard

Can you please help explain how you use the ES-200. I posted the question below. I am new and it is confusing as I want to purchase a mobile scanner.Thanks much

What happens when you have to scanback 174 pages. Do you just keep adding to the document feeder? My computer scanner stops dead at 50 pages.actually, I’m not sure how to do mobile scanning at all. Where do you scan to. How do you send it to the company.

Can you scan a 200 page document onto one file?

You have to sync it up with your computer to be able to add more pages. But I also have a epson 300w and I can add more pages to the scanbacks on my computer not so much on my phone. Hope this helps.