Supplies for a newbie

I’m working on my notary bag this weekend - live in state of DE - how important is it to order below documents to have on hand

Notary Certificates
-Other Delaware Certificates

You have a PC, a printer, paper…make your own & carry 2 or 3 of each with you. You shouldn’t need them for loan docs, but you may need them when, as happens infrequently, the signer has some other unrelated thing they’d like you to notarize as long as you’re there. And, yes, I charge because I have learned that if you do not value your time and experience and work–nobody else will.


thank you for always being so kind. sorry that as a beginner where do i find those docs so i can just make copies of them. sorry if this sounds too crazy in asking. newbie trying to make it in this great big new world.

Sorry, didn’t realize you were in Delaware, which is an attorney-only state for loan signings:

Regardless, you then definitely should be carrying lots of Acknowledgement & Jurat blanks as all you legally can do is General Notary Work. (which is really hard to make a living doing unless you find ‘your niche’) You can order pads of these from NNA & probably lots of other places, but your state’s notary handbook or Sec. of State’s website most likely has the official wording you are to use in your state. I just type mine & save the form in my PC and run off a few when I need 'em.



Article 4328 also sets forth short form certificates.

This is a link to a portion of your entire handbook - main page found here - keep it handy:

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Actually, in Delaware we can legally notarize documents for properties located in other states. However, we can only notarize property docs for Delaware properties with an attorney available during the signing.