Supreior Notary

I have contracted with Superior Notary since 2007, told a health break, and picked up again in 2009.

Lauren and Clay have grown this company with care and professionalism.

The company has always paid me within 30-45 days from dates of service and have no open invoices with me.

But something very odd and weird happened to me today from one of their schedulers.

The company has not used my services since April 2020. Still, it continues to send me text blasts for various types of assignments from depositions, witnessing loans, serving subpoenas, collecting Medical Records, etc.

I accepted a last-minute assignment request for today, and the Scheduler called me to confirm, then stated, “Wait a minute. Let me check this out.”

“Oh, I am so sorry we cannot contract or do any business with you because of one complaint from a company.”

I asked what the complaint was to be aware and do better and got told it is a secret and will never be shared that I had to talk with the Manager.

Lauren Smith was not available or in the office today, so I have sent her an email as advised as the Scheduler stated she could not disclose why I am being blackballed and not used by the company ever again. As an employee, contractor, and even as an owner of six companies, communication is essential.

No one can fix a problem, issue, or concern if it is not rationally talked out to repair, improve, and be better!

I am clueless about what offense or mistake I have done to get that, especially since there are no unpaid invoices for my services, no written notices, corrections to make right, and no fee deductions.

If I am blackballed, then why does the company continue to call and send me orders to accept or decline?

I would think the mature professional method would be a phone call, written letter, or email to talk it out and resolve, but this call today just has blown me away.

I hope the Manager replies to me within the next ten days to make an intelligent decision based on facts and not hearsay as to block them from sending me further job requests to fill for them.

Wow! Being with them for 13 years with only 1 complaint, I say that you are awesome and it’s their loss. Seems like your were more loyal to them than they were to you. The way that was handled was very very unprofessional.
Some people in this world seem to forget where they come from. They forget that they had to start at the beginning and made mistakes and were not perfect and somebody gave them a chance. And now when they come up in life, they get the Big Head along with treating people wrong and being disrespectful, feeling like they don’t have to give any explanations with no regard for the person’s feelings. Sometime God reveals to us what we’re really dealing with. Thanks be to God that when one door is closed for a reason unknown to us, that God always has another door open. Move on and be blessed.


I would sure hope they do the right thing and discuss this with you. 13 years is a long time to be with a company and have them throw you under the bus for 1 complaint–which may not even be true. I would very politely pursue knowing what their problem is…and am willing to bet that it’s not true. It’s happened to me, but the co. called to discuss it.

We, 1099 Loan Signing Agents, need better rights when working with signing services. I understand that there are laws governing why people get fired etc… but if we are to make a living doing this, we should know what is “in our file” so we can correct our mistakes. It seems that ALL companies are following like sheep when it comes to their reasons why they do not utilize a certain LSA. Actually, shouldn’t my “file” be confidential and not shared with other "companies, (i.e. Signing Services)?

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