Swearing in witness for deposition

Anyone work with Planet Depos to only swear in the witness for a deposition? What are you charging?
Any input appreciated!

You can charge whatever your state allows you to charge for administration of an oath; if allowed by your state you can charge a fee for travel/time. They are quick - you don’t need to stay for the deposition or testimony (actually, I’m surprised the person taking the deposition …the court reporter…isn’t a notary - that’s what they usually do). You ID them, collect your fee (cash in advance) swear them in and leave.

Never worked with Planet Depos but I’ve done maybe a half dozen of these ‘deposition by phone’ over the years and every one is different. It’s been my experience that they pay quite well for this and I know enough now to quote a fairly high $xxx fee because of all the often time-consuming variables involved. I have waited 1/2 hr. for the deponent to show up; waited 1/2 hr. for the call to come in; waited 1/2 hr. while the other side of the lawsuit carried on at great length; waited 45 min. (this one was interesting) for the videographer to get his equipment set up. The others were 10 to 20 minutes. Problem is you never know until you’re there. I’ve never had to collect cash in advance and all have paid quickly.

When I’m contacted by the person giving testimony to meet with them personally (they’ve been told to find a notary and call in) - I get paid in advance - after ID, journal business is done.

If contacted by an attorney - then it’s a billing arrangement and yes, then I’ve been paid fairly quickly.

I’ve haven’t done these before either. I read about notaries doing depositions on the NNA blog (I think!) and the notary charged an hourly “wait time” fee. So they would have a fee for the first 30 minutes, then a fee for each additional half hour. Time variables add up! :relaxed:

Thanks everyone! That is great input and provided with me a few good questions for the vendor. Especially how long they have hired me for! And I am surprised as well that the County Clerk (we are meeting at the courthouse) is not executing this.

As the song goes - take the money and run :wink:

Meeting at courthouse? Now THAT would concern me. Hope they don’t think they’re hiring a court reporter who transcribes testimony. Puzzling location, to say the least.