Take only Business from Title CompNies

Folks don’t take cheap $50 business from signing
Companies that either won’t pay you or delay payment for 3 months hoping you forget to beg them to send you the peanuts they offer. Upgrade your experience and refuse cheap signing companies! Accept only title companies and no signing companies.

I will only work with Title Companies, life is too short chasing these low ball offers from signing services. If you really track all of your overhead, and Notary Gadget is a great tool for that you will quickly realize how much you are really carrying. If you add up the cost of paper, toner, car insurance, maintenance, etc., and compare that to a $35 signing unless is right around the block from you it is probably a money losing proposition, When I first got into this business I was told “do not leave the house for less that $100”. I have stayed with that advice, and when I ran the numbers (I have an MBA in Finance) i found that to be true.