Testimonial from signing agent service providers

I would like to ask you all on here. Have any of you had trouble getting a signing agent service providers to write you a short testimonial about your work ethics and professionalism since you been with that provider? It seems I am being giving the runaround when I asked. Anyone have any suggestion on how to get a testimonial or reference?

Thanks all!

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(CA) It will be a miracle if you can get any Signing Service to actually write a review or commentary on your performance (ethics, professionalism, etc.).

Why would they do that when: 10) they weren’t present on the assignment so how do they know you did such a fine job?; 9) they have not seen your performance long-term; 8) their evaluation may be drastically different than what other services have experienced; 7) they are not in the business of endorsing anyone; 6) signing services ought not explicitly show favoritism; 5) who has the time to write testimonials?; 4) what if things change and one’s performance doesn’t comport with the testimonial - the signing service will suffer reputationally; 3) what if they’re wrong about the notary’s performance - then what?; 2) do you really think they will stop what they’re doing and write testimonials for who - everybody???;
And, the number one reason for no testimonials from signing services. . . WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM?

Do a good job on all your assignments and let your reputation and work product speak for itself.

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You make 10 good points. However, how can one show other companies (ie. direct titles) the reputation and good job you’ve done?
Thanks for the quick reply.


(CA) It’s very hard to show them what you’ve done. That work, pardon me here, is done and gone! If you’re fortunate enough to get in to see a title officer or escrow officer who can actually make a decision about using your services, my advice is do the following: credential yourself [quickly], tell 'em how many successful singings you’ve completed and show them what makes you unique (hard to do with tens of thousands of competitors out there).

In other posts on this forum, I’ve outlined the benefits of making yourself memorable. I have found that being memorable (favorably memorable, that is) garners more business than bunches of ads, brochures and testimonials. You want decision-makers to remember you (“Hey, I liked that fellow, what’s his name, y’know, he was here last week talking about yadda, yadda, yadda”)

I can’t tell you specifically what to do; you’ll have to figure that out for yourself. Get creative and just a little bold. Tape the words BE MEMORABLE to your computer and think about that all the time. You’ll be amazed at what comes from it. Then, when you do get the work you’re after, EXCEL!! Your reputation will grow. Don’t depend on others to polish your star, do it yourself :dizzy:

That’s the quick version of what I teach in my classes. I hope something touches you from that.

P.S. I do not teach notary classes, by the way.


I have trouble getting them to answer the phone or respond to an email.

Those are some good points, :thinking:. What class do you teach BTW?

I have had some luck with the actual signers posting reviews for me, along with title companies that I have worked with. I usually send them the link to 123Notary to write a review.

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