Texas Cash Out A6

I am located in NJ. The last few signing offers I have received have been for "Texas Cash Out (A6). How is this different then a simple refinance, and are the documents significantly different?

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The documents are fairly the same as a refinance. The only difference is that a Tx Cashout needs to close in a title or attorney office and you will need to pay them a room fee. In my experience room fees can range from $25 - $100. Last year I was paid an average of $250 for this type of closing. Now i see them as low as $100.

Keep this in mind when you accept this type of closing to determine your fee.

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The Texas Equity Refi rules that require closing in a Law Office, Title Office, or Lender’s Office apply only to Homestead properties. Equity Refis on investment properties or non-Homstead properties can be signed anywhere.