Texas Cash Out Loans

All you Texas Notaries…I just lost my attorney office for cash out loans due to retirement. As you all know it is dang near impossible to find a Title Company or Attorneys office that will let you use their conference room. I sure wish the State of Texas would get rid of this requirement as it makes no sense at all. But I digress…
Does any one have any good ideas for securing an office? I am definitely not looking forward to the search.

I feel the same way…No one wants to allow use of their office even when they are being paid for it.
It’s frustrating!

First, if you are in Houston email me at attorneyjohnmitchell@gmail.com. Second, the atty who is retiring may be able to recommend you another option. Third, work your personal contacts, i.e. friend of a friend type of thing. Finally, you could take out a classified ad in the Texas Bar Journal magazine. Should be about $100 for a month. It goes to every attorney in the state. Best of luck.


Thank you for this information John, wish I was in Houston

Remember that the Home Equity Amendment states that the papers must be signed in the office of an title company, attorney at law or lender making the extension of credit. The attorney at law does not have to provide real estate services, and they are the ones who will give you the greatest “push back”. Look for family law offices, befriend the office manager, if not the attorney and explain your needs. You might be surprised on them allowing you in. You will have borrowers in their office who may need family law needs. A good chance for free marketing for them and their practice. Just a thought.


When you receive an order find out which Title is handling the funding. That helps too.