Texas Mobile Notary Services, Inc. - Nonpayment

This is from Kim in Houston, TX (over 20 years in business): A warning about Texas Mobile Notary Services, Inc. (Snapdocs platform): They owe me a print and trip fee for an assignment scheduled for 05/10/2023. They cancelled the signing an hour before by posting it in Snapdocs (no phone call). I did not see it until I arrived at the signing, because I was driving from another signing appointment that was 40 miles away from this one. They have not responded to my comments in Snapdocs requesting a print and trip fee (ignoring me). I’ve tried calling the number on my Snapdocs order, but… no answer. I doubt they ever answer their phone. And, they pay below market, so I’m kicking myself for accepting the assignment in the first place - lesson learned! Just letting everyone know my experience with them. I’m about to block them on Snapdocs. Anyone else have this or other bad experiences with them? My intent here is to prevent a fellow notary from being burned. Have a good, prosperous week, everyone!

Not kidding… I posted this in Notary Cafe, went back to check my email, and saw this from Texas Mobile Notary Services, Inc. (and, NO! I’m not going to work for them again so they can make it up to me - they aren’t going to do that - what?!. Duh! Their excuse for not calling me is lame/made up. Besides, they hired me, not the title company. They just made me more mad.):

Admin Team Scheduler at Texas Mobile Notary Services, Inc.

Kim, title did not pay a print/trip fee because they said you were canceled over an hour prior to appt. We understand that you would have rathered us call instead of send you an email/comment that was not checked. We have notaries that will tell us that they would rather us email/comment because they don’t answer their phones during closings or while driving. Some have said “we never got the message, bad service, etc…” So we ALWAYS email/comment because it’s in writing. We will try and make it up to you on another closing when you accept an order out of our own pocket. We do understand that being canceled within 2 hrs poses a problem for notaries but this is alway out of our control. We have been having talks with offices about a cancellation fee if less than 2 hrs. We are going to implement this as soon as we can with the contracted offices we have as soon as possible. Again, they did not pay due to the cancellation but we will make it up to you on a future closing.

It’s been fairly standard for many years that if a signing cancels 2 hours or less from Appt. time, you get a print fee. And whenever you’ve made the trip–you get paid for that, too.
Even most title companies will do this even tho’ they don’t get paid unless it closes.

Annnd… they should let you know every-which-way possible when something goes south.


I know, this tells who they really are… dishonest, abusive people. I blocked them after they sent that to me. I actually have a very long list of signing services I have “fired” over the years. I’m sure you have a similar list. Thank you so much for responding!

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Thanks for letting us know. I hope you can get your print ant trip fee.

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I know this is vindictive and unprofessional. If they included a shipping label, I’d be tempted to ship the unsigned package back to them. This will ding them with overnight shipping fees.

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Kim, call the title company and speak to the escrow officer everyday demand your payment, then in days or hours Texas Mobile Notary will be Zelle you the funds. They don’t want lose these client. They should of called you, or even emailed you on the cancellation. Either way you need to get paid.

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Sadly, some companies won’t pay, won’t answer and some notary companies go out of business and we won’t get pay. I am in CA and I am thinking to write to The Secretary Of State and see if they could do something about that.