Texas Mobile Notary Services, Inc

Good morning to my notary partners out there. I completed a simple notary signing - An Affidavit of Heirship it was for mere a $50 which was cool. This was on 08/11/2017 - per Texas Mobile Notary Services, Inc., if the the signing was completed before the 15th the payment was supposed to be issued on the 30th. I know it’s been only 2-days late but BUSINESS is BUSINESS. Be forewarned about doing signings w/these folks because if they default over such a small payment - just imagine how they will handle payment exceeding more than that. Thank you!

Regina, given that it’s only the first- could the check literally be in the mail? Seriously, I would not worry over two days, I would call them if it does not arrive by the 5th of September.

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I love to give them my account number. I found that the payment is always first to arrive. Try this to see how it works out for you.

Hello, I just did a signing for this company last month on the 11th. I was wondering if you ever got paid? I can’t reach anyone at the company emails, phone calls, and sent multiple messages through snap docs. I will be informing title of non payment…