Texas Pioneer Title

Just a heads up on this Texas title company. I did a signing for Tim at this company on 9/17 and have not been able to get paid. I keep getting excuses about how the check was sent and lost and then it was sent to the wrong person and will be resent two weeks ago. But no check to me yet! Beware…

Thanks for the heads up!

I recently accepted a signing with this company, and I was paid pretty quickly. I would work for them again. I know they had flooding issues in that part of the country a month or so ago, and that may have impacted their business. Tim is very communicative and polite.

I’ve had trouble getting a hold of him. After a couple of tries he finally e-mailed and said check must have been lost. Then two weeks later, he said check was sent to someone else. That was over two weeks ago.

I did a signing with them going on 2 weeks. I hope that I get paid. Should I contact Tim directly?