That unsettling feeling

That unsettling feeling…“Did I stamp that document??”

5 minutes after dropping at FedEx something wakes you up and you turn your car around and go back to FedEx and ask for your package…open it up and look at your acknowledgement and sure enough there’s nothing there!!

Then unbelievable relief that something literally drove you back to stamp it!


Ha that nagging feeling something got missed happens almost every time with me, I have even torn my envelopes open to check everything again before letting FedEx have it. Fortunately not after having already given it to FedEx.

Things tend to get missed when my client wants to chit chat…i can l iose my focus.
Glad its not just me!
Thanks, Paris

I have had that GUT FEELING too !!! Now I know why?

The other day I saw a documentary on Amazon , “GUT : the second brain” In fact , after the brain, the GUT region has a largest network of neurons. Yep the same thing in the grey matter under our noggin.
Amazing documentary. One must watch it

I usually double check … and mentally tune out any ambient conversation. In case I missed a stamp, no worries, after all we are humans and make mistakes. Companies send me the page missing my mark, I print, stamp ( or sign / initial) and send back. Usually I respond right away or tell them if I am delayed by a few hours.
I print / correct the error or missing stamp and send them a scan-back.

Title is usually OK with it as long as they can record it.

Stamp is not mandatory in some states. One can rather just write the notary name, license ID and notary expiry date.
Stamp kinda makes it look authentic and professional.

Well,like I always said, if you don’t have a severe and debilitating case of OCD when you start being a signing agent, you will soon get one- it’s a job requirement.
Have had that all happen to me before too. Retrieving packages etc from Fed Ex just to check. But then, don’t forget to put a note in the package saying that you reopened it and taped it back shut. Title officers will admit to doing the same thing, however, if you work for signing companies there is NO such thing as human error, and it will be punished.

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