BEWARE of “The BestNotary” - if you like to work for free then this is a company for you. THEY DO NOT PAY

They stiffed me too. Beware of these deadbeats.

You should of did your homework, when you got the order. See

Good news! I did only one signing for this company back in 2016. They took 4 months to pay. Here is what I did. This will work for both of you as well.

Bring up the original order and get a hold of the Title officer at the title company, notify them that you have not been paid for that signing and have them put pressure on THE WORST NOTARY COMPANY, to get you paid. Have them cc you on the email to get you the signing & title company communication on the same email until you receive your check.

This works for me EVERYTIME.


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Thank you for the advised anaheim, that is exactly what I’ve done in the past but in this case the signer cancelled the signing and I am just trying to get a print fee at least. The order was back in August and in the last email I received from the BestNotary they gave me all this crap about how much money they are making now an how many mistakes they made in the beginning and they asked me to wait until December to get paid, that was insulting. I tried calling the contracting company who gave them the original order but, no luck there either.

My next step is to write/ file a complaint with the Better Business B and also the Ripoff Report. Any suggestions about any other place I can write a review about this company?

The Best Notary is The Worst Notary ! I would only take an assignment from them if they paypal me prior to appointment. I require that from “Business Loan” firms that give same day cash. -Adam

I called the law firm again today and I was able to speak with one of the managers, she said she was going to call them. To my surprise I received a call today from Eliah today. He couldn’t believe I called the law firm and I told him that I was the one that couldn’t believed the email he sent to me asking me to wait another month for payment on a signing that was back in August, I told him that I found his email insulting. He paid me today.

DITTO: BEWARE of “The BestNotary” - if you like to work for free then this is a company for you. THEY DO NOT PAY

I did a job for these guys back in November of 2019, Here we are almost March 2020 and still no payment. I emailed them numerous times with little to no response, and after emailing them daily this week I received a call today and they told me they were facing financial difficulties and that I needed to wait at least until the end of this month… UNACCEPTABLE!!! Called the law firm that hired them and they are calling them right now, I will update what I find out after the law firm calls me back. Ughh… Its not hard to pay your bills, unless you are a shady company! BEWARE!!!

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After contacting the attorney on the documents and having her contact this company, they finally paid. Payment took I believe 5 months, they then called me back asking me if I would go on google and give them a good review in exchange for a review of me, I told them no thank you, because I do not know how to put it nicely that they have terrible customer service and do not pay their notaries.