The Closer LLC not paying

I have completed the below signings for “The Closer LLC” and sent them invoices for all four. A guy named Kevin emailed me back and said “don’t send me anymore invoices.” I still haven’t been paid… Has anyone else had this problem with The CLoser LLC?

35 Days 07/17/21 $100.00
44 Days 07/08/21 $100.00
45 Days 07/07/21 $100.00
45 Days 07/07/21 $150.00
Total Amount Unpaid: $450.00

I have not had a problem with the Closer paying in a timely fashion. I always read the specific ss pay formula, allow 10 more days then send an invoice.

Are they on 30 day or 45 day pay schedule?

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Thank you for this information! :relaxed:

After looking into it apparently they send out checks the following month after the 20th or some time after the 20th of the following month. It’s really confusing how some of these companies stretch it out so far before they send you payment.

Two components of every scheduling call I receive from a potential new client relative to payment are:

What is your turnaround time for payment from the date of the successfully completed professional signing?

What is your payment policy for the Signing Agent Fee if the loan doesn’t fund?

It’s helpful to ask these prior to accepting the Signing Order. :angel::tulip:


The Closer LLC has now paid me in full for all signings.