The Closer, LLC

On Thursday, May 18th, I received a text message from Snapdocs anking if I was available for an “application signing” for $85.00. The signing was 18 miles away. I accepted the signing and when I returned to the office that evening I proceeded to call the signer to confirm and print the docs. The signing appointment was for the next day. When I looked at the docs, there were about 435 pages to print as the instructions said to print a copy for the signer. I called The Closer to renegotiate the assignment fee and they were closed. I left a message explaining the purpose of my call. The next day, they had not called by noon. I called again and they claim not to have received my message. I told the scheduler/manager (Kevin Somerville) that I could not do the signing for the $85.00 fee and I had no way of knowing how many pages it was until it was assigned to me. Instead of offering to pay more, he rudely said that he would remove me from the signing and hung up on me. A minute later, I received a text offering the same assignment for $115.00. I called back and asked to speak to his supervisor because he was rude, hung up on me and could have offered more. I was told he was the supervisor and that there was no one above him I could speak to. This woman was also rude. I told her to take me off their list of notaries. I will not tolerate being treated like that and the company was unethical not to disclose that it was a reverse mortgage signing and a copy would need to be made for the signer.


I am sorry to hear this.

I work for them often, and find the only way to communicate if via email or make a comment on Snapdocs. Sorry for you bad experience.

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There usually great to work with but they also lowered there prices to 85.00 for refi.

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They lowered their pay when they went to Snapdocs. ;(

I have worked with The Closer for a number of years and with Kevin Somerville specifically. I find them to be reliable , honorable and fully trustworthy. My dealings with them and Kevin specifically have always been first rate


They sent a signing today for $85 I responded via snap doc I’m
Available. I called the office spoke to ámbar told her I was available and willing to accept that fee she responded I’ll get it approved for you no problem I waited for an hour no response called the office no answer sent an email and she responded while I was talking to you they assigned it to someone I said that can’t be I kept checking And calling she said sorry next time

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Just excepted my first assignment with them and it will be my last. It was a duel signing but they neglected to tell me until I called to confirm the signing. The docs ended up on my front porch from the first signing, had no idea they were coming. I sent several emails trying communicate and no one would answer, even called and no return phone call. I was halfway through the signing with the second signer and received an email to stop the signing as they were waiting for an updated payoff…I traveled 40 minutes. Steer clear of this company.

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This is very interesting. Recently over the past three months I keep getting notifications for several companies and when I acknowledge them I do not get the assignment. But then for the next half hour the rate keeps going up and I dont get the job. I was recently informed by a title company my rating is a 1.8 on snapdocs as I thought, according to my rating ranked as High . Come to learn I was left a negative comment by The Closers LLC. The exact same situation happened to me where I accepted a Refinance for a low ball offer not knowing how many pages the docs was but accepted as a standard is less than 150 pages. Well is was 235 pages and they also requested a 2nd st of docs. I also called back to adjust my fee and I was immediately removed . DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY>>>


Awww, so sorry to hear that. They are my favorites. They just dont like scheduling, rescheduling, negotiating, etc. Their conversation is short “yes-yes” “no-no”. They like it when they assign the job to a notary, they have to rely on that notary and to be sure that the notary wont ask questions and/or make changes.
One day I go for $85, another day they have an easier and closier job for $150, and it all covers one another at the end of the day. Usually they pay $100.
I love working with them. They have lots of assignments and are never late on payments.
You would like them too. Nobody is perfect. Dont block them.

Feb '20 - Yes the Closers llc in Charlotte NC would be a better company if they got rid of Kevin Somerville, the guy has an EGO of a 12 year old.

I have 5 outstanding invoices from August. They refuse to speak to me or pay the invoices. I will be contacting the title companies and the lenders so they know I will be filing affidavit of financial interest of the notary with the various recorders offices to invalidate the Deeds of Trust. No pay, no lien on the properties. Sounds fair to me. Of course, I charge late fees of $25 per month after the first 45 days and a $750 fee for filing the lien on the mortgage. Maybe they’ll go out of business like a couple other companies that tried to screw me. So far I’ve always been paid. But Remember to remind your deadbeat signing companies that you apply all payments to late fees and legal fees BEFORE applying to the original signing fee. That way you can file a lien if they only pay part of your invoice after late fees and other fees are added.

Do yourself a favor, don’t do business with these jerks. They were fine for months. Then they decide not to pay. WTF???

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I liked them too until they refused to pay me for closings I drove hours to complete for their selfish sleves.

Is this legit? Wonder if this is state-specific. Curious how you can “invalidate” a Deed of Trust. Have you done t his before with success? My reasoning is if you have a financial interest in the transaction, you should not have notarized the Deed of Trust - by filing this Affidavit wouldn’t you be admitting to fraud?

The notaries are entitled to get paid for their job.
Having interest in the deed or getting paid for the notarization of this deed are not the same.
We are absolutely unsecured on our job.

As many have said The Closer LLC WAS great to work with, until they stopped paying. I’m now sending invoice plus three months of late fees for Five closings I did in August. I saw posts from a couple other notaries they are also screwing. Amunition to get paid, if you pay attention to how things ACTUALLY work in this business. Don’t bother arguing. I’ve done this and it works. Court order out of CA RE: California notaries vs. Ameriquest Mortgage. Ruling: If for ANY reason a notary would not receive their full fee a financial interest Exists.
First Argument I get for the uneducated. That’s California, I’m in xyz state. All states have a law preventing a notary from having a financial interest in a transaction for which they notarize documents. Precident setting cases can come from anywhere. Courts use cases from England all the time. I’ve seen rulings from India used where there were none here. So, yes, CA ruling will apply in all states.

Filing an Affidavit of Financial Interest of the Notary with the Registrar of Deeds will nullify the notarization. In otherwords, if a borrower is forclosed on their attorney can use the affidavit to nullify the Mortgage or Deed of Trust. In other words, those documents become useless. A secured loan is then NOT secured.

Title companies are responsible for all aspects of the transaction. Including making sure notaries are paid. EVEN if the notary is hired through a third party. They chose to use a third party to hire, they are responsible for their decision to use the third party. The title company is responsible to the lender to make sure the security insturement remains a security instrument. SO, along with seeking payment from the Signing company, go to the Lender and the Title company. At minimum this should put the deadbeat signing company out of business.

I’ve put 5 companies out of business this way. The attorneys at the Title companies are always pissed that I know the applicable ruling and the affect it has on the notarized documents.

In other works. Grow a pair. Companies like The Closer, LLC need to go out of business so companies that are legitimate can prosper.

Happy Holidays