The Closing Group LLC

I was asked to close a signing out of town for this company. I was reluctant to accept because I have never worked for them before and I had other scheduled appointments that day,… but they kept calling because they were not being able to fill it. They called again the day of and asked me three hours before the appointment. I accepted, received confirmation, confirmed with client and I was jumping through hoops to get this closed out. While I was waiting on the documents to post to their website so I could print, I get a call saying that it was cancelled and they would not give me a reason why. I made a few calls and discovered that they scheduled with someone else… How frustrating!!! So beware with this company (The Closing Group LLC ) that you can and will be replaced very easily when they can make more money with someone else!!!

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Lowballers! Want you to do xtra large pkg with faxbacks for $85.


And they take 30 days to pay.


I’ve been waiting on docs since 8am–closing was supposed to be at 4 (over 1 hour away) emails back and forth all day, closing rescheduled for 8pm tonight and now 5:30pm and still don’t have docs!!!

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I had problems with them paying me. It took over 90 days to get paid. I went to them, the title company twice. I threatened to file a complaint with the CFPB and finally got paid. I dont do business with companies who dont pay on time. Its a two way street in this business. You expect no errors at signings and I expect no delay in pay.


I totally agree with everyone here. My experience has been the same on all counts. I am having trouble getting paid now.

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I was contacted by this company today via text message. The company wanted a Seller Package with scanback for $50.00, I countered with $125.00. I wouldn’t work for them considering reading this information. The Closing Group, LLC is bottom of the barrel.

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