The CXChoice

If you work with these guys they are the worst for fees. They offer $62, $67 and occasionally $70. All notaries that have signed up with them should simply refuse to take any of their orders and see how long the remain in business


I always counter bid, just a shame that someone else will take that 62$ refi…

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I (personally) have never seen a loan come in under $75 in my area. The cost of running a business just skyrocketed along with the cost of living (inflation). The lowball offers will skyrocket to try an attract those who are desperate for “some” income as opposed to “no” income. I will take these “all day, every day” if they are in my town (5 mile radius) and I have the time. My profit may be “minimal,” but it puts another notch in my belt at the same time. Every location is different, everyone’s business structure is different. But I can tell you this: frowning upon the low ballers, and those who take those jobs is “beating a dead horse” in this industry!


The fees are terrible with them… I get constant alerts for 40+miles for a $72 fee. I don’t even look at the alerts from CX anymore

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I accept them simply because I am new, and I just want to get some experience under my belt. I think that is what they are counting on.

Does anyone have any suggestions for newbies?


Also, just a head’s up: I chatted with CXChoice support staff yesterday and they admitted to having notification/email/text issues. Email and text notifications are running 3 minutes behind (yes, 3 MINUTES) (which explains why I have had zero luck snagging one of their orders to date). The person I was chatting with said he wishes they would fix the problem, but he had no idea when that would happen.

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Also, last I checked, their APP is still in BETA with Android

!0 years ago no one would even know what that means.

Sounds like grandma is in another state with her cousin, Andy.

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Yes. Don’t accept them.

TCX rates notaries based on accepted fees, among other things. Once you establish that you will take those ridiculous and insulting fees, they will never negotiate with you for higher amounts.

$62 for a full refi? Print over 300 pages? Drive a 20 mile - more or less - round trip with gas close to $5 a gallon? After expenses, you have just made - what? $40, for roughly 3 hours work. Congratulations. You are now working for lower than Washington State minimum wage.

Hold your ground, son. Establish your worth from the get-go. Do not undervalue yourself as a signing agent, always provide the very best possible performance (which also means - yes, read those signing instructions, even if they look like the same thing over and over), always remain professional when dealing with the public and your clients, and be consistently reliable.

You will get a foot in the right door soon.


This is insulting. They give you a breakdown of fees. $52 for a refinance! In California the fee is $15 per notarization. The average notarization in a Refi is 6 for one person, $90, 12 for 2 signers, $180. That is on the low end. I have had up to 30 notification as have most of you.
They offer $15 for printing, $10 for scan backs. Most companies I work for offer $25 for each.

Yes, you can negotiate prices, which I do on occasion, large pkgs or long distance. I should not have to negotiate what I am worth. Especially when the state fees are known. Offer a fair price. We are certified professionals and theses companies are profiting off of our labor.
Yes, times are tough right now, but if we set a precedent for acceptance of these fees, they will be the norm, not the exception when business picks up.

748613 Refinance 03/31/2023 06:00 PM PDT Palm Desert 92260 37.13 Miles Yes [Accept]

Offer Amount Breakdown
Refinance $52.00
Edocs $15.00
Scan backs $10.00
QC Review of Docs $0.00
Total Offer Amount:** **$77.00

I’m so annoyed right now. I took a deed only signing from them for Friday afternoon because its close to where I’ll be for $30. I thought it was just the deed. No big deal; 1-2 pages tops and they’re including the return label no scanbacks. In and out in 10 minutes.

I THOUGHT deed only meant just that - a deed only. NOPE. They sent over a ‘mortgage deed’ plus the warranty deed and wanted 2 originals done and returned. For THIRTY BUCKS.

Initially I’m thinking, perhaps this is an error, they meant to take the mortgage out because its a deed only signing. Wishful thinking on my part. I sent a message asking what gives, is this an error. The message I got back was “its a mortgage deed; I don’t see what the problem is”

I did keep my cool and say I can’t do this for $30, my minimum for a mortgage is $100. I got “I can’t go that high for so few pages.” They removed it from my dashboard immediately.

I’m annoyed because I feel like they were trying to pull a fast one. Like, seriously? Is this what we’re doing?

Depending on your state’s requirements, you may also have had to ensure witnesses were present and/or bring a witness…for free…

I agree - $30 doesn’t cover what they sent…yes, I agree - they were trying to put one over on you - “A DEED” is NOT a mortgage deed and a warranty deed - it’s “A deed”

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You are correct; two witnesses were required as well! I was just so done at the idea of him trying to sell me on “mortgage deed for $30” Like I don’t know the difference between a “mortgage/mortgage deed” and a warranty deed…

LOL…you’d be surprised at how many so-called “signing agents” DON’T know the difference… :slight_smile:

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I cutoff CX choice off a long time ago. They offer you $50 to travel 200 miles and 300 page count. I wont do an assignment for them ever again.