The lowest of the low

I just got a request to do a loan modification with scanbacks an hour and 15 minutes from me for $30.00!!! BLOCKED.

And yet you know someone will take it - the mindset being “I’m sitting here and have nothing going on - something is better than nothing”. smh

that is just too funny.

Stop taking these order without negotiating the rate. This is bad for this industry. I’ll except an order but I’ll negotiate the rate if I feel it’s that right. My threshold is $125 and above. If someone offers only $30, then I let them know. Who’s covering my time to print and drive to the signing?

I got an even lower offer : $20. N3 Notaries. I negotiated the fee over email but they didn’t reply until I wrote “This fee is not only unacceptable, it’s insulting”. One offended lady from N3 replied" Emails are automatic. Words don’t hurt. A simple No would’ve been sufficient". Later on I got another email from N3 : You’ve been approved for a fee increase to $22.50. WOW!!!

When interest rates go up, there are products you don’t see much, Equity, and Modifications, and Loss Mit.
These products become more popular for obvious reasons.
You as a signing agent do not need to participate in them, you can opt out, negotiate or ignore.
But remember those who have been in the space as a signing agent understand this all goes in cycles.

Modifications are usually 19-21 pages, have 3 signatures and 1 notarization. Usually a few miles away.
You can say no, not harm no foul. 99 percent of them are open time open date and expire in 10 days, meaning you can work around your higher paying jobs.
and yes many signing agents are taking them, as they take less than 10 mins.

The scan back is the 1 notarization page and can be texted as well.
its not exactly as presented for all clients.

I have never seen an offer come over from C2C for more than $45.00. I have countered those before or replied back that I’m not available at all for the day but it seems like the automatic offers keep coming every 5-15 minutes sometimes and they stay at $30 or $45.00. I live in a remote area so signings at those prices don’t make good sense to me. I blocked the notifications from C2C the other day when trying to drive, answer my phone and not miss requests from companies that I know and trust. This was also during the end of the month. Thank you for taking the time to explain how things work on your end.

I certainly can understand your not wanting to be bothered by companies offering low fees. We do however respect your in a remote area. If you have countered with a higher amount, and we didn’t call you there could be a reason. First American will only let us hire NNA Fidelity approved signing agents. (everyone uses the Fidelity Bar.) But we pay much higher amounts for the MODS in remote area. or all products in remote area for that matter. We have been in business for 18 years and would be most happy to make sure your on the list and pay you same day.
You dont have to take any files from us, and you certainly get to direct your business however you want and need.
I also want to say that you very well might be NNA and Fidelity approved but are just not on our list. I am guessing here.
but im here if you want to chat about it


Thank you for your reply. I am both NNA certified and Fidelity approved. I would be happy to talk if you want later today. I’m on Central time.

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Lisa, why do you offer such low fees? Is it greed or you cannot afford to pay more? Just curious.

I did answer this a few days ago, but am happy to do so again. We have 3 new products in the Loss mitigation space and the packages are very small. Usually 20 pages, 3 signatures, and 1 notarization.
Many of the locations are in well populated areas and signing agents don’t mind fitting them as they take about 10-15 mins at the signing table.
However many are also in remote areas and we understand that the $30.00 fee is not an appropriate fee.We do appreciate those who decline and yet put a fee that works better for each SA.
It helps us gauge the areas in question. We do know that everyone should make money.
Your question about if this is greed or simply we cannot afford to pay. Although the question at face value is insulting, I get what your asking . Its not greed as we do get $55.00 for the modification and other LM signings.
Although I wish we could pay $100.00 for every file, we would then be a non profit organization.
our other product prices offered have remained the same.
Certainly just declining the offer is the best way to go, please do not take the offer as a slap in the face.
this industry is changing and eventually will go to online notarization.
please note that my phone is always open to direct contact
Lisa Bittner

I am a new signing agent and that is exactly what I have been getting. Very annoying!

Not me - my time and travel is worth more than that!