The Notary Team

I did a job on January 21, 2021 for The Notary Team. I have in writing that terms of payment is NET 30 terms. I’ve called and sent several emails with no response. Is there any recourse we have to receive payment?
Thanks in advance.

Yes, so at this point I would mail the invoice by certified mail and wait another 30 days. I would then call one and email one more time. If you still don’t get a response, there is a way to mail them another letter with collections. If you have Legal Shield they will be able to help you with that. Did you get this assignment through Snapdocs?

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Did you get this resolved? I am having the same issue with them. Signing on 1/18/21 with the NET30 terms. I have emailed and called(they hang up on me as soon as I say what I am needing) Lately they don’t even answer the phone.

Agree w/ Suheily - certified mail…but with a twist.

Write up a demand letter outlining the facts of the assignment - date, time, file number, location, along with terms of payment (include your written confirmation of “net 30” - include in your letter a drop-dead time for payment (If I do not receive payment within XX days of this letter…) - include a copy of your invoice (include a late fee now if you wish) - send it certified, return receipt requested AND regular mail (they can refuse to claim the certified letter) - also include a copy of your letter and invoice to title

And be prepared to stick to your guns. Good luck to you

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No I haven’t gotten it resolved and I have same issues. No response and same thing with the phone number. I’m actually also filing a fraud case against them and working with the Sheriff’s department in the County I did the notary at.

They don’t provide an address just used email and a number I was actually able to get direct contact with the guy who set this up. I’ve contacted the State because I really believe they’re running fraudulent scam and working with the local Sheriff’s department it took place at.

Which company is this you complaining ?

The Notary Team is the name of the company

I have been trying to collect from “The Notary Team” for a signing on 11-09-2020. They are clearly a scam/fraud. They will not answer nor return calls. You are only put on hold when I could get through.