The seamless signing company

I can’t find information on this one. Anyone heard of them?

Hehe…is there any such thing!!!


apparantly there is LOL

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I’ve never heard of them. did they contact you with a decent offer?

They were willing to pay $100 for a seller, but I had a computer technical issue that caused me to have to cancel

@jennjoneis During your research were you able to locate any supporting data for this business entity to possibly vet this company?

That information would be helpful to have within the Notary Cafe forum database for future reference.

Thanks in advance for sharing. :pray:


I found a website and facebook page.

@jennjoneis Thank you.

For all appearances, it’s a lone notary “farming out” Signing Orders [SOs].

As we are all cognizant, nearly all Title/Escrow Companies [T/ECs] strictly prohibit an assigned Professional Signing Agent [PSA] subcontracting any SOs to another PSA.


RaShad Boone
Seamless Signing Company
St Charles St Cottleville MO 63304

5377 St Hwy N
Ste 399
St Charles, MO 63304


Oh no, not another one of those. Thanks cNsa5

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Not necessarily - from that website:

" Seamless Signing Company

We are a nationwide mobile notary agency dedicated to providing prompt and efficient notary services.

In addition:

“Our Network
We offer notary closing services to real estate and financial professionals nationwide. Our network of notaries are committed to providing you with the highest quality service.”

@LindaH-FL FYI: The assessment provided of a lone notary wasn’t from the data available on their website.

There is nearly NO data available on that website - other than generic statements that are also found on similar websites.

We’re all aware that one shouldn’t unquestioningly believe what’s written on the internet . . .

There’s no historical data about any business by that name within any of the business websites that report on businesses.


As I always recommended, please perform your own Research & due diligence while vetting any client new to you or new within our business sector.

When searching the internet across multiple sources one can assimilate data elements to answer questions regarding viability of a business entity. It’s your best protection to search ahead of time.

Accessing the data available across the internet (as well as within the Notary Cafe database of threads) to locate information about potential clients has saved many of us an inordinate amount of time ‘chasing’ payments for Services professionally provided to potential non-payers . . .


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@cNsa5 Despite the narratives you’ve posted, I am going to respectfully disagree with your statement that this is “a notary farming out work”. Per the website AND FB page, yes it may be one notary with a network but they are nationwide. There is public info stating as such.

IMO, a “notary farming out work” is if I or any other solo notary take the assignment and give it to another notary to complete - not someone who has established a network of notaries…a team, if you will.

@jennjoneis as to whether they are reputable or not, I have not found any info on it. And are you sure that’s link is the proper company? Because there IS a Seamless Signing LLC located in CT serving that northeastern area. If you’re sure that’s the company, did you take the assignment and, if so, how did it go? Let us know…we appreciate that feedback.

@LindaH-FL Of course, you’re entitled to express own opinion - as am I. Certainly, it’s not a narrative (toxic terminology) per your description.

It’s a professional assessment of the available data elements of an unknown/new business.

There is nothing to substantiate the “claims” made by that individual. There is no access provided to the database of PSAs available within that alleged network across the US.

Unsubstantiated claims certainly don’t garner confidence . . .

As indicated, my assessment stands as a Hard Pass on this unheard of/newly launched business entity: " For all appearances, it’s a lone notary “farming out ” Signing Orders [SOs]."

Others can (and should) make their OWN assessment & determine if the risk is worth taking (or not).


The majority of Notary Cafe members have repeatedly expressed that now is certainly NOT the time to take on unwarranted risks of nonpayment for professional services provided for loan signing orders.

Of course, it’s a completely different evaluation when contemplating General Notary Work [GNW] as one is paid at the time services are provided. You’ve expressed that GNW is the work type you perform (no longer doing loan signings).


Agree to disagree with you on this one. ===>>> Time will tell the factual truth of the business.

I’d rather err on the side of caution, than to encourage others to take the risk and subsequently see multiple threads created stating how this business is engaging in non-payment practices.


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There are two companies with similar names: The Seamless signing company and Seamless Signing LLC to my knowledge, they are two separate companies. I accepted a signing with the seamless signing company, however due to a technical issue on my end I had to cancel.

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