The Signing Agents?

Can anyone provide feedback on The Signing Agents, please.


I’ve done several signings for them over the years, but it seems like there is almost always a problem with the order on their end. They get a short-tempered when I call them out. I have vowed not to accept signings from again because I don’t need the grief. After a long while I’ve forgotten the vow and accept another signing. And then I remember the last time. I’d say give them a shot. If it’s smooth sailing, on to the next one.

They use NotaryCafe for registration. I submitted my registration August of 2017 based on semi-positive reviews provided here on NotayCafe. To date I’ve not heard back from them regarding my application. In August I received an automated e-mail stating they have my registration and that it will be reviewed shortly. I have sent follow up e-mails and nothing back from them to date. Generally, for me it’s a bit of a red flag when I don’t receive a response back to a submitted application. Even if it’s to just tell me that they don’t have orders for my area. I’m big on companies with prompt follow up. I’ve not gone to the extent of contacting them by phone, no, which is something that I oftentimes will do.
If you end up with a different experience post registration I’d love to read an update from you. Thanks for this post which prompted me to check my notes on this company!

I think you have the right take. I forget about them unless a signing offer pops up unexpectedly in my email. By the way, how are you doing with orders from Title Source, the 500 pound gorilla in this industry. Are you receiving signings;, none, a lot? Are you getting a fair notary fee?

Update to my previous Reply. In sending them e-mail following up I got a response back this time within a couple of hours. I’ve now been added to their database. So, we shall see what they have The Signing Agents have available for my area. Thanks again to @juscafe for your original post which prompted me to follow up on the company.

@1greg To your question regarding Title Source. I got in touch with them July of 2017 by phone and at that time I was told they don’t have sufficient/any business in my area and thus will not be on boarding me at this time. Perhaps I should follow up again with them… think I just might!
And if you don’t mind. What do you mean by “500 pound gorilla in this industry.” And we probably should start a separate thread…
Item to note about me. I started doing signings full time as of January 2017 so I don’t have many years of track record with signing agencies. I’ve been in our industry 17 years now, but only full time notary as of last year. I love it that we have resourced like this place where I can learn about new signing agencies. Although they are not my sole source of business.

Re: 500 lb gorilla. Title Source/Quicken Loans are biggest title companies/signing services in the nation by far. 99% percent of my business came from them until two weeks ago. Now nothing. I’ve been given an answer by Title Source which they describe as tier pricing. If a notary is willing to do a signing for $55-$65, they’re in, get first shot on the Title Source app. I don’t know if that is the complete answer, there may be other factors as well (because there always is). If you wish to start a separate thread, I’m in. Greg

A follow up. I just talked to Title Source and the nice gal agreed that I still have a problem with the Title Source app., and the tech department will call tomorrow morning. Hope so. I mentioned that I hadn’t received a signing in two weeks and asked if business was soft. She said a lot of agents have been calling about that, business is very slow nationwide. Suggestion: If they would just let agents know via a bulletin, email, or whatever, we wouldn’t have to call to find out what is going on and would understand. Simple communication does wonders. Title Source app. rang just now. I hit the green button and a red screen popped up indicating the signing had already been given to someone else.

A follow up on Title Source. I learned yesterday that their business is up 30 percent… They agree that I am having problems with my app., hopefully it will be resolved first of week. Hope so.

It is a very stressful job with little pay , you finish job for everybody(Title company, signing company Mortgage company …), to get their fee and commission, but in the end after driving , printing, … you get nothing.

The Notary fee is not fair anyway.

NSA work can be stressful. I don’t accept signings for less than what I have paid over many years, which means I miss out on a lot of signings that have notary fees of $65 to $85. Don’t know for sure, but I think the low notary fees are snapped up by new notaries coming into the game vs. those of us who have been in the business for a long time.

I did a signing for The Signing Agents on June 25. They said payment would be in 30 days but I haven’t received any payment and it’s been 44 days. They will not respond to my e-mails. I did call Onesimus and he said he would check into it and call me back in an hour but he didn’t call. I am wondering how long to wait to contact the title co. in this situation.

Yes, new notaries to the game will take the low ball signings because they haven’t experienced any different. I consider $65/20 to be low ball, vs. $105. I used to get, and I’m chasing down the street after them. Low ball is the new norm. If I don’t like it and refuse those signings, newbies to the game are quick to snap them up. Just the way it is.

The Signing Agents told me $100 but then didn’t pay and stonewalled me. I ended up mailing letters to the title co, the lender and a demand letter to the owner saying if I didn’t get a check by this Friday I would be forced to pursue my legal remedies. I also e-mailed Carol Ray, owner of Notary2Pro because I am one of her graduates and she called the owner on Monday and he mailed the check out the next day. I got it today. Without Carol’s help it would have been a lot harder.