Thervo... if you get an email or text, just delete it

Got sucked in…until I hit the ‘pay’ page.
Got an e-mail that looked like some platform or another…new one every day, it seems. Clicked for ‘more info’…which is just a first name & a town & she needs a notary. Then you have to fill in a buncha info; then you get to send an e-mail to ‘discuss the job’. THEN it takes you to a ‘pay for leads’ page for CC info. You buy ‘credits’ at 10 contacts for $23.32 or your e-mail doesn’t get sent. Ummm… don’t think so. Save yourself quite a bit of time and just hit delete.


TYVM, Arichter, for saving us all some time and frustration. :slight_smile: Did hit delete.

There’s an update to this. Because I stopped short of purchasing these ‘credits’ and just closed the site, a day or so later, Thervo contacted me as to why I didn’t buy these ‘credits’. Briefly, I explained there really wasn’t enough return on investment to bother and they offered 15 ‘free’ contacts to prove that I was wrong. Well, it’s now the end of May and, while I did have ONE other contact (in 4 months), the party never responded, so I’m thinking I proved myself correct in my assessment of this ‘service’. In other words, DELETE.

Wandering thru this site, I found my old post. Just thought I’d let y’all know that it’s now November and other than the two ‘contacts’ mentioned above, it’s been total crickets from Thervo.

Thanks for letting us know!