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I agreed to do a loan signing for coast to coast the lenders didn’t send the paperwork in time, and coast to coast cancelled the signing so I left my house for about three hours and I don’t have my phone for a couple of days since I broke it (my fault) so I come back home to check my emails and I have all kinds of messages from them asking me to do the signing, saying that the couple were at the place where we were supposed to meet. Honestly I’m upset about this I would have never not shown up or at least called but they told me the signing was cancelled and I moved on. Notaries have to practice time management, and that is exactly what I do Coast to Coast was a waist of time.

they be thee worsest ever!

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Coast to Coast has a pretty bad reputation for things like this. Live and learn. Did you talk to them about this whole mishap?

I have avoided working with them due to the negative remarks on the forum. They send email requests constantly and fees are not worth it.

You can’t always believe what you read, especially that comment about “they be thee worsest ever!”. If I believed everything I read about Coast to Coast, I would have missed out on doing business with a really great client.

@signaturenotary, that’s excellent that they are a great company for you, but they have not been a good company for many notaries. That’s wonderful you took a chance on a company that has many negative comments, and that it is working out for you.

Sorry - It wasn’t Coast to Coast. Just chalk it up to lesson learned.

Yup. If you look deep into the bottom of the barrel, there you will find Coast to Coast.