Things to love about the job

Things to love about being an NSA:

No Cubicle!
No office gossip.
No weekly rah-rah meeting with a “manager” ten years my junior in age and thirty years my junior in experience.
Managing my own schedule.
Creating and managing my own professional network.
Building my business in the directions I prefer, with the focus I choose.


I agree with all and here’s a few more:

Helping people -my #1
New experiences & meeting nice people
Community engagement
Being able to take necessary time off - priceless
Pricing what your time is worth
Knowledge & Learning
Satisfaction of a job well done


In addition to all of above, I like the adventures and often very strange sights I see while driving (& sometimes even at the location). Here are a few things I’ve seen in rural Arkansas:

  1. A whole small old ghost town owned by the people who built the mansion on the hill overlooking it. They maintain it, too! Even had a ‘closed in 1950’ Post Office.
  2. A 4 foot tall statue of a mouse (a realistic one, not Mickey!) in a living room.
  3. A huge natural rock in someone’s front yard that looks like a bigger-than-life Buffalo (did a quadruple take on that one!)
    Oh…and my favorite ‘directions supplied by the signer’:
  4. Once you’re on that road, watch out for the hole at the bottom of the hill (right, car size 6 inch drop in pavement) and when you start up the steep hill on the other side of the hole, when your car starts stalling…that’s my driveway on your left. He was right.
  5. My driveway is 1 mile past the junk house. Junk house?, I ask. You’ll know it when you see it. He was right, too.
    The owner had attached all manner of ‘stuff’ (garden tools, small appliances, a gate, bicycle and way more varied junk than anyone could remember) all over the walls & roof.
  6. Hang a left at the tractor & follow the ruts across the field to my house on the left at the end of the field.

And they wonder why I want well over $100 for a signing~~

Hee hee! “Take a right at the big cedar tree…” (This is northwest Washington, buddy; cedars are everywhere). “Take forest road 95 down onto the beach and drive south half a mile. Oh, don’t get here before 5 pm - that’s when the tide’s low enough…” (How about we meet somewhere with paved access?)