This is my Walmart story

I was driving to Walmart to buy some legal paper to stock up for the coming week. This car was riding my bumper and was obviously in a hurry… I was not. I pulled to the left so they could pass and kept it moving. Now I get to the Walmart parking lot, and as I was getting ready to pull into the spot (I had my indicator on), this exact car came out from the opposite direction and tore into “my spot.” I was so (you know what), but I took a deep breath, chanted Nam-myoho-renge-Kyo, and kept it moving as I saw the lady get out of the car and run into the Walmart store. Now back in my younger days, I may have acted a bit differently, and she may have gotten a different response, but with my age, my patience has grown along with it.

It took me another 15 minutes or more to find another parking spot, which only solidified my promise to order online next time. As I was walking into the store, the “same lady” who stole my first parking spot literally ran into me… ( I kid you not… I can’t make this stuff up) almost knocked me over. I turned to her and said with a smile… " You okay?" she replied. “No.” She explained that her computer had just crashed and she was out trying to get a replacement laptop. She had files and other essential things on her hard drive and could not access them. I told her that I understood we all have bad and stressful days and that she should take some time to breathe and stay calm. I then told her that if she needed help retrieving the information, I could contact a guy I knew could help.

She then stated that she recognized that she had stolen my parking spot and apologized. I then asked her how sensitive the information she had stored on the computer was because I needed to know to refer the best professional service provider with the proper credentials required to help.

GET THIS… She shared with me that she is the business development officer of one of the local title companies in my area. She handed me her business card. I chuckled and gave her one of mine. We both looked at each other and simultaneously started laughing like giddy school girls. The kicker is I sent her an email a month ago introducing myself as a local NSA. She looked at my card and shared that she recognized my name and photo from the email I sent her. Unfortunately, she did not have the time to reply as she has been working from home the past few weeks and was just officially out of quarantine a few days ago and still playing catch up.

I gave her the information to someone who would help her with her computer issue. She then set an appointment with me for the 21st to come into the office to meet the rest of her team. She did give me full disclosure by telling me that they had a regular NSA that they use, but she promised that she would be my advocate in trying to throw what she could my way whenever possible.

How did it all end? I went to get my legal paper… none in sight, so I went to Staples and used my rewards points which I forgot I had, and left with paying $0.00… All in all, an exciting day.


You better do a major follow up with that lady. This is an easy chance to impress and secure your position with them. You’ve initiated the rapport already, :+1:it’s better than a cold call! Good luck!

Oh i am going to follow up with her on Wed to make sure my referral was able to help her and will be there on Friday with bells on.

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