This might not make me popular.... IMO

Let’s face it… It’s tough out here in the streets. Consumers, Lenders, Title Companies, Signing Services, and… The Notaries are all feeling the wave of these changes…

BUT keep in mind each entity is in the business of MAKING MONEY and each person is trying to feed their families, run a profitable business and survive. Back in the day… (before my time) Notaries were making some serious money in this business and those of you who rode the high tides and have gotten used to the views from the top are now having a hard time adjusting… I get it. But what seems to be a common topic on this forum is “COMPLAINING” that fees are low and Notaries are not getting paid enough for the job being done.

True or false… It’s nothing personal… It’s just business. Stop throwing salt on a wound and either come to the realization that nothing good lasts forever and adust your expectations or find something that will meet it. Coast2Coast signings seem to be a favorite SS that is being mentioned… however keep in mind that they have done a lot in helping some new notaries break into this business by giving them a chance and providing FREE training classes. I don’t disagree that their fees are at times lower than other SS but keep in mind they factor in their risk tolerance… AS ALL BUSINESSES SHOULD!!!

So let’s all put on our big girl/boy undies and focus on our OWN business and our OWN needs and run our business the way it needs to run without the constant poising of this great industry that in my opinion is still worth giving a chance…

OK… Rant over!


Great Rant! No time to focus on what others are taking. My only focus is that my fees are suitable for my business. Regardless of the pay I’ll always be professional and provide the best service I can.


Many find this thread quite helpful:



You rested my case (on numerous posts!)

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I just saw today a new feature at FedEx which upset me… FedEx Office online Notary!! Basically they have their own RON now… talk about taking business???
Now my question is can we work say part time for them and as a Signing Agent??

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This is interesting. After looking at their site, it appears they don’t have their own RON (per Se), as they use the Notarize platform, so you wouldn’t be an employee of FedEx. You would simply need to be registered as a RON notary with Notarize to get FedEx assignments. So basically, FedEx would be the “client” and Notarize would be the “SS” (in my mind).

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One trick ponies? I did some GNW for the CEO of an international business located near me who disclosed that he worked as a notary signing agent in the early to mid-2000s. The sudden downturn in signings forced him to rethink his goals. 15 years later he’s a millionaire and attributed a lot of his success to what he learned as a loan signer.


This is the exact reason why I don’t come on this site as much. Too much complaining, arguing and honestly a waste of time when I can be focusing on growing my business or spending time with my family.


I would be very surprised if you don’t get more loan signings from C2C or they make you their preferred NSA from this post:) :grin:

Lol…. Listen I give credit where credit is due. They were one of the few that took a chance on me when I first started and I took their free courses too.

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wow, that’s a little disheartening to say the least

I think we human notaries will eventually be replaced by AI notaries:(.

As for Fedex, I don’t see any advantage for them to pay third person notaries public, when they can task this to a notary employee. I did not see a reference in the post as to Fedex acting as a loan signing agent and I presume that this is a general notary offer.

Well said. I became sick of all the complaining to the point that I was going to cancel my membership! Adults suggest solutions not complain about problems! I thought this was a platform where people display positive energy and not produce negative vibes! The word of the day is accountability!!!


It IS a forum for exchange of ideas and problems/issue with solutions. However, it’s also a forum of facts - and unfortunately, sometimes the truth hurts - you call it “negative vibes” - some of call it “reality”.


The great thing about America is that everyone is entitled to their thoughts! I was always taught if you think positive then positive will happen! I am going to take positive energy and go to my loan signings! I hope everyone has a Great Day! God Bless!

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If this helps at all, from what I can gather on this, and other forums, most of the “complaining” comes from notaries (I think newer, but who REALLY knows) starving now that the fast ride is over. I would like to think that the “seasoned” notaries not only saw this downturn coming (because it always does), but planned and prepared for it as well. My goal is to take advantage of the downtime to educate and share my experiences to all to help them be better prepared for the next fast ride (because yes, as history has shown us) recovery always happens as well. It’s the “when” that everyone is freaking out about. We can take one to water, but we can’t make them drink. If they are dying of thirst, while questioning me on what’s in the water, I simply reply “Are you thirsty or not?”
I agree, if people would chime in WITH solutions as opposed to LOOKING for them, it would be a more pleasurable and productive experience, but that only comes from experience itself!


Well said! Thank you for your support!

“If people would chime in WITH support”

This is why we harped about taking low fees … If you lock yourself into bargain basement fees, it becomes impossible to change that mindset with companies. They now have you in lowball category and it’s very hard to get out of there

My solution…don’t take just anything for the sake of taking “something” Value yourself and your training and education … Know your worth put your price tag on it and stick to it.



While I agree, a lot of signing agencies are hiring inexperienced Notaries and adding long checklists, etc, to packages and purposefully uploading docs in all legal when they were clearly in letter and legal originally. How about they just hire experienced Notaries at a reasonable fee and not add all the BS and we could all make money… I don’t and have never “overcharged” for my services, but I do expect to get paid and not come out in the negative in the end.

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