Thumbtack for Notary work

Hello Everyone, I have a question about Thumbtack. Has anyone used it for Notary work. Is it worth it? Any feedback would be helpful.

@Bruninotary Perchance have you searched the Notary Cafe database?

There are at least 23 threads on this topic with at least four [4] from this year [2023]. Lots of valuable insights already available. :crown:


There is no such thing as too much advertising.

True, but there is such a thing as too expensive advertising. Depends upon demographics.
Population density is a major factor in your ROI.


I’ve used thumbtack for both of my businesses. Most of what I encounter are tire kickers looking for the lowest cost engagement. You’re still paying for the lead when they don’t hire you. It became too expensive to continue.

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That’s what I was told and had forgotten how it worked. Paying for the “lead” makes sense if you’re a plumber or some service that pays hundreds of dollars for the job, but nickel and dime notary fees make it not worth it.