Timios AND Mortgage Connect... "Connected"?

I received an order invite via email by Michael Crowder for Timios today. He worked with Mortgage Connect for a very long time.
Is Timios & Mortgage Connect now “connected”? :smirk: Or has he just moved to Timios…

I think they are completely separate but I also received 2 signings directly from him in the last month via email. Usually they come in as the blast text from Timios so that surprised me. :slight_smile:

I believe he’s moved to Timios (just knows lots of people from MC and he was always a good guy…so it makes
‘networking’ sense that MC will go there from time to time). But, I’ve also noticed that Timios is ‘using’ his good reputation by saying the e-m is ‘from Michael Crowder’, when, in fact, it’s being sent by various schedulers under that heading. Timios has never been one of my favorites–mostly because they can’t seem to send all docs in one package…or even a reasonable 1 - 3 amount, but drop 6, 7, 9 different very tiny attachments on you and one big one…just makes more crazy-making work being SURE you printed them all.

It was always a pleasure to work with Michael Crowder when he was at WFG, however, Timios’ fees are too sparse for my budget so we’ll probably never work together again. I don’t see these companies’ fees going up any time soon. I stick with my better companies who have their acts together, pay fairly and timely.


I don’t believe they are related but I’m sure he has great contacts in this business amongst NSAs.

Timios has a rating of a 3 on my list and the reviews are up and down from low fees to issues with packages and closing table.

They do offer some of the lowest fees out there which is why I’ve not worked for them in a few years.

No they are not connected and Michael works for Timios and is easy to work with. He has compassion for this business and easy to work with and for.

They are not connected, Mortgage Connect and Inspire are sister companies.

I agree with your statement regarding attachments

If you don’t sign agreement accepting their fees, you can negotiate fees. On their enrollment form I put a big NO will not accept their fees. They are cumbersome so I charge fees accordingly for these type of Notary Contractors. Nice people but we still have to do the work. A lot of their forms could use some updating.