Timios help!

Does anyone have a direct line to the accounting department at Timios? I’ve been paid by them before successfully but I haven’t received a check that was issued over 2 weeks ago. Just want to get paid. Thanks all!!

818-706-6400 if you already tried that number go for Liz @ 818-706-6417

Their vendor orders say to direct billing and payment inquiries to accountspayable@timios.com. I am waiting for my first payment from them. It says it paid Monday of this week, but I haven’t see anything yet…

Sometimes payment comes a little slowly via snail mail, but they always pay. Great company to work with.

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I see the payment is coming in the mail today. :slight_smile: I have my third closing with Timios tomorrow and I have been pleased with the interactions with them. :+1:

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I totally agree. I love working with them and have had no problems.

Has anyone noticed it has been silent the last 2 weeks? Is it just my area or just me?

Slower yes. I have seen requests come in but I have been too slow to catch them. They are a really nice bunch of people to work with so I always want to grab their signings.

Timios is one of my favorites to work with.