Timios, Inc.?

Hello, everyone!

I am a new notary still trying to get my feet off the ground. I just recently moved to Tampa, FL about a month ago and am slowly, but surely building my network down here.

I noticed for a while now I’ve been receiving emails from Timios, Inc. for loan signings even before I moved. However, I did not give them that email, so I thought it was spam since I get a ton of those.

I began to reach out to them via phone about a week ago and left several voicemails. Plus, I recently emailed two of their emails and still heard nothing back, but still get their emails to my old address.

Does or has anyone here worked with them before? Every time I call, I get an automated voice machine that says to leave a voicemail for I think “Michael Crowder.”

Has anyone else had this issue? I wonder now if they even still have a notary/vender department at this point because I’ve read good reviews on them before, but get nothing back.

Also, does anyone have any good ideas on how to get my notary business off the ground? I’ve read a thread on here and another website where it talks about title companies and I’ve signed up/reached out to whoever I could. I have forwarded them my new location as well. My goal is to get like 3 jobs a day or at least 1 every other day for now. Plus, I listed several counties that I’d travel to and that I am willing to travel up to 100 miles.

Does anyone here have any advice or ideas on how to get started and receive signings in central Florida? I know I’m in a good area, so now I’m just waiting to get started.

If you have any title companies to suggest, too or anything else that you think can help me, I’m open to all suggestions.


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The nationwide signing companies should have your back. There’s always going direct if you can also.

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Timios is a great signing service.

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Yes, indeed. I am contracted with them and worked with them in the past. I’m trying to figure out how to get more jobs with them or any company for that matter.

Here is the link to sign up with Timios . it may be of some help.

TIMIOS is a great company to work for. They’re pay is above most other Title companies.

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Yes, I already filled out an application with them.

I’m trying to understand why I can never get a call or email back after I’ve reached out to them multiple times. They keep sending me jobs to my old location, but I can never get a hold of anybody. I need them to update it because their site won’t let me on my end, unless someone here knows how to do it.?

Does anyone here have any other form of contact for them? I’m beginning to think I have been calling the wrong number all along even though it’s listed on their website as well as their application form.


Do you know how I may get ahold of them or update my contact information and address without their help?

The only person who can do the updates is Michael Crowder at Timios.

You send info to this place and cc Michael Crowder

Michael Crowder
Vendor Manager
Office: 818.706.6411 Direct: 818-706-6411
Email: mcrowder@timios.com


Thank you!

I just sent an email to the email you provided.
Hopefully, I hear something back soon.


Is it normal for it to take this long to hear back from this company?

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I would call his direct # to confirm he got your email. Good luck


Hello there, have you had any luck with reaching someone with Timiosinc.com?


No, not yet unfortunately and I’ve tried everything. It’s been weeks now.

I’m not sure what’s going on.

Hello again Timios direct phone # (818) 706-6400, emails i have closingteam41@timios.com,

Thank you! I send the information, but still waiting.