Timios out of CA

I used to get,$125 they have,dropped their fees pay as low as $80 now haven’t done much with. Them lately.

First signing with them was today. Not so impressed - had to nag, nag, nag for docs which were finally received 90 minutes prior to the signing. A 275 page reverse mortgage 30 minutes away… but I made it. Second signing is tomorrow morning, but docs are already in, my fee has been increased due to package size, and hopefully all will be well.

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I’ve done 2 for them. No complaints other than their infrequency.

I recently completed my first signing for Timios through Snapdocs. Do you remember if they pay through Snapdocs Vendor Pay?

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Maria Moore

Paper check as of 2/23/18

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Maria, they do not pay through Vendor Pay, they send hard copy checks. I still continue to do work for them and they always pay on time. I really like this company and all their people I have dealt with. I am surprised so many people here have had problems with them.

Thank you ladies. Your answers have eased my mind a little bit. There was a fee change after I had to go back the next day and Snapdocs still shows the original fee.

Yes, my 1st Signing ova 2 yrs ago was with Timios and I’m still on their list for my area & their pay is OK , Not great But I barter with them and any company if the it’s far away, large pkg and requires Scanbacks…

I have worked with Timios for about 6 years. One of my steady clients. You can negotiate the fee if you feel the need to. I get lots of work from them. They do have about 6 title docs that need to be notarized which adds to your items in your journal but it’s old hat by now.

Timios was my 1st Signing in 2016…They were fair & helpful! They’ve become a bit stingy the last year, but Their a Good …Not great Company to work for!