Timios out of CA

Has any one ever worked with Timios?

I have closed 5 for them this year, paid in an average of 15 days. Top notch!

Timios is an excellent company!

Among the best. They pay quickly and have a fine staff.

I thought so too UNTIL I had an assignment an hour away at 3:00. The docs dropped at 3 the sellers were not available they were moving over an hour away in another direction. We were finally able to get a common time. Well to make a Long story FedEx lost the package. I had to go back to initial Signing city to get mortgage and note signed then to the seller’s city to get deed signed. They are not wanting me to pay me what they promised for second trip and the buyer was very belligerent and this was 8pm at night and I still had to drive at night. Didn’t get to seller until 10pm and then FedEx found the package. They have plummeted from the top of my list.

Seriously, I’ve never had a problem with them. I even made an error on one package, they worked to get it taken care of without involving me, and I was paid full fee. They were very nice, and are always top notch.

Was the extra pay you describe above in writing?

YES. I’m glad I printed out the Orders they tried to combine orders. Kaileh Vidal, Joe Alford and Ricky Francia have truly disappointed me.

Timios is a national title agent, so you are NOT working for a signing service when working for them. You should have a better experience. They maintain their own signing agent database and schedule directly with their signing agents. They have a Texas operations as well.

I know. I’ve done many Signings for them and HAD been very impressed with them until this incident. Then on another Signing I had requested payment and they said they paid me and sent documentation from another Signing. I sent them the original Order and they said ok payment was on the way. I still haven’t received it.

Timios uses Snapdocs as well. That’s how I got my assignments through them.

Me too I use them through snapdocs but I’m also registered on their portal

I have done work for them for years. And when I sold mgt they closed many of my loans. The only issue I have with them is they tend to send doc late. Had one this past Monday 1.5 hours away 4 pm signing. Received doc at 4:20 pm. Noticed several errors called them they said to make changes and completed signing. Then on Wednesday night they reached out to me from CA apologize that it was so late. It was only 9:30 pm wanting to know if I could re-close on Thursday at there cost. I told them I could but needed doc at 8 am. 8:30 am still no doc. Ended up talking to the owner and he sent them to me. I offered to drop them at there Pittsburgh office. He was very happy when I offered that because it saved them a day. Honestly I was driving the same to FedEx it there office.


Haven’t had a problem until now. Docs have always been on time until the aforementioned. That’s not really the issue it’s the NOT wanting to pay for my 3.75 hour round trip. If they had gotten some one else they would have paid them

I have done a couple of Timios loans through a signing service. Not sure why but they include a PCOR when its not warranted (no titlle or name change, grant deed, etc) and I leave them a note that it was not completed.

Do you mean mileage for the trip?

Worked with them for about 5 yrs now. They used to pay more, but orders on snap docs are generally $80. I negotiate to get a minimum of $100

They were a great company to work with, AAron was excellent, I did all there Reverse Mortgages (AIG) and was paid on time, approx 2 years ago, they must have run into financial trouble, were they were paying over 90 days, and that required to email reminders, a year ago I relieved a very nasty call for some woman, saying that I was being to much, and that I would have to accept my fees to be cut, The reverse mortgage has two steps application,I was getting $90.00 print 120 pages, 60 pages to sign, and three + hours at the signers home, plunging through each document, (assets, liabilities, debt, finding SS card,drivers license ID, utility documentation, home owners insurance, a majority or signers, never had those documents ready when you would get there, 2 visit , Closing Documents, 360 documents, min 4 hours, I was getting $150.00. I would at the Fees they charged the signer, $9-11,000, and they are cutting my fee, I told them that I was not willing to have my fee reduced, and that they could find someone else, that they could chisel there fee. It was no loss to me losing them, and these Reverse Mortgages are extremely had to do.

Still trying to get paid on a signing from 7/25/17, my first signing for them. Honestly, I’m surprised to see that so many here have been happy with them. It gives me hope that perhaps I may still get my money.

Yes, No problems. Good Company

Good company; I need to contact them haven’t heard from them in a while! Send signings!