Timios Question

Good Day,
I am curios about Tiomios signing service. Does Timios only make contact via email? I am starting to get the notifications but the go so very fast. But the notifications are only coming through email. Anyone with experience with this company please shed any tips and light on how to navigate this company. Thank you in advance

I occasionally get a rush telephone call from them and I have done the jobs. Unfortunately, I have to really work to get paid. They’ve always paid but they are [damn] slow. When I called them to inquire about getting paid, they gave me some BS which I caught them doing and the guy I was speaking with gulped, apologized and he got me my $100 check in the next week. Just so you know. . .

They send normally send emails and you have no option to negotiate until after you accept (if your fast enough) . They pay good but they pay by mail. I do like that they are friendly but their docs not all together.