Timios Title Company

Please let me know the pros/cons if you have signed with Timios. Thanks in advance for your response.

When they spam offers, it’s on a take it or leave it at too low fee basis. However, when they have not found a taker, they will then ask again but request a quote. Usually don’t make docs available until 2 hours (often less) prior to Appt. Docs are ALWAYS mutilple files (5, 8, more…varies)


Ditto to what Arichter said. Plus, they paid me very, very late, like 75 days. I’m not doing their stuff anymore.

Also, make sure to stay on them when you are waiting to receive documents, a couple of times they were late on the documents and I had to change the appointment time with the signer. The more communication, the better!

They pay; however, read their payment terms so you have a rough idea of when the money might be sent.

Timios typically starts with a base fee that doesn’t match the amount of work required. I don’t take their signings unless they are able to give me my base fee. They don’t require scanbacks and they do pay even though later than other companies. Like ARichter mentioned there are multiple files on their portal but you do not need to print all of them for the Borrower.


I receive two types of requests from this company. One type is from an individual at the company asking about my specific availability and what my fee is. To those emails I am able to reply with my signing fee and availability.

The other type is an auto-email message with fees they are willing to accept and which instructs me very clearly “DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL WITH ALTERNATIVE TIMES OR FEES”. So I must disregard those types of signing requests.

PROS: When it is a human who is calling me or emailing me, it is very quick and easy for me to negotiate terms and if we are a match, to come to an agreement. I can count on being paid on time, no hassles. The people who call me are are nice. Professional. Responsive. I enjoy working with them.

CONS: Like @Arichter says, the assignments typically will have multiple files and they may not always come in at once. But I cannot blame them. I understand that is because that is how they receive the files from the title companies and lenders that hire them to hire the notary signing agent. My only true frustration is that lately I receive far more auto requests than human requests which I am forced to disregard when there is no ability to negotiate.

I hope this helps you.

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Exactly. Carmen just said it better than I did. (As Carmen also stated, tho’ I do understand the reason/s behind the multiple files for one loan, they are almost the only co. with whom I’ve ever worked who does NOT bother to combine the files into one pdf and then send THAT to the notary.)

As for the ‘almost’ part, a few will send 1 - 3 files for one job, but there is usually some logic behind the split–example: 1 may be instructions for the notary and the notary may just read or print as required/desired. And 1 file might be only the shipping label)

Timios just seems to add a file as it comes in, with no attempt to consolidate with logic. This does result in a more labor-intensive package than any other company with whom I’ve worked…hard to know when they’ve finished uploading the ‘close to Appt. time’ WHOLE package. I’ve sadly experienced additional docs (sometimes even CHANGES to a doc) being uploaded 1/2 hour AFTER I’ve arrived at the signing location. This results in a “fee fuss”…and nobody is happy about that.


I politely disagree. If the hiring company has instructed me to download and print 10 pdf files, I download and print 10 pdf files. As the notary signing agent, it is not for me to decide which loan documents need to be presented to the signers and which I can safely ignore.

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I do Timios all the time and only had docs come in late one time. That’s just my experience with them.