Tips for Marketing yourself

Here’s a couple ideas for getting your name out there and noticed.

  1. For NotaryCafe pro members, you can link directly to your profile page. Copy the link from your profile page.

    If you share it on social media, and include it with your digital signature (emails, websites) you can actually start showing up directly in google searches!

    Get all your friends to follow that link on Google, and you can rise up that search list.

  2. Complete your profile as much as possible. It helps you stand out in searches. It helps people find you based on your particular abilities + skills. It can also put you above others in the search results, in some cases.

  3. Add your profile photo! on your profile page that way you don’t look boring in the search results

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To get general notary work aka non-loan work:

Write a one page profile of yourself. Put your name and phone number at the top and bottom. Include a list of all the documents you can notarize (Power of Attorney, Deed, birth certificate request, etc) as some people include the document title in the search words.

Then google the words notary public and the names of your town and state. Place your profile on every free directory you find plus CraigsList. etc. I’m on over 100 directories.

Good luck!
Laura Vestanen


Thanks for the information Laura. Over 100 directories do you mind sharing more resources with me

Hi, Tiallen

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Thanks Laura. This is some good information to act on.