Tips on Toner

For those of you who only buy the Brother original Toner for your printer, what’re the best deals you’ve seen? I’m just starting out and recently got my hands on the Brother 5200 and was told that I’d need to buy another cartridge and drum soon.


i have always used brother printers. i ALWAYS ALWAYS use
they have great prices… i can get 5 high yield toners for the price of ONE from office depot.
and they have the drums too! they will also help you figure out which model you need. they do NOT void any warranty and i’ve only ever had to send ONE back in the last 8 years. actually i think they just replaced it and didn’t make me send it back. fast shipping. MY ONLY GO TO FOR TONER AND DRUM! :slight_smile:

For my Brother laser printer and HP Officejet, I use LD Products for toner cartridges and drums. You can get approximately 5 - 6 compatible toner cartridges for the price of 1 OEM. Their customer service is excellent in that they stand behind their products. Should an item be defective, they will ship you a replacement immediately at their expense. Used and/or defective cartridges can be recycled at your local Target store.

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For my brother printer I just bought one “original” (after the one that came with it finished) and that “original” only lasted about a week with only 2 sets being printed…got it from Staples and believe it was a used and returned toner… SO, after that I risked myself and tried LYNKYO from Amazon… and never have had any issues . It’s like half the cost of an original brother toner… it prints beautifully!

I recommend you to buy printer toner from the same brand of your printer. I have a Lexmark printer and I used to have Brother printer toner. The toner was not working fine with the printer. I took my printer and toner to a printer shop and the person there advised me to buy the same brand of printer toner. So I bought a brand new Lexmark printer toner and my issue was resolved. The toner was working perfectly fine with the printer. I suggest you should also buy the same brand of printer toner.

I tried Linkyo toner and drums. toner seemed to work fine but the drum was garbage that left lines all over my pages. got the Brother drum unit and the printer is back to normal

Hi, Pete! I have yet to find a cheap toner that passed the “scratch” test: Once printed, scratch your fingernail over the print. If the toner flakes off, it will not last in a file for long. Yes, loan docs are all scanned for quick retrieval. But the originals are stored for years as well.

IMO, brand toner is best.

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