Tired of not getting paid?

One of the recommendations from the Notary sages is to contact the Title Company for assistance. I’m seeing a trend that a small number of Title Companies are telling NSAs they, the TC, didn’t hire them, the signing service did and its not the TCs problem you’re not getting paid. I hope this trend doesn’t become standard practice.

Fortunately many TCs will help you get paid.


It has always been like this. A few TCs will pay you; most will ‘tell’ the SS to pay you–which usually works; a very few just wash their hands of ‘not-their-problem’ and continue to do business with non-paying SS–which puts 'em on my no-go list.


The Big TCs are still backing up the NSAs on non-payments. It’s the smaller TCs, mostly those that stood up during the ReFi rush, that are reluctant to help NSAs with non-payments from SS.

I had this issue with Notaroo. I was supposed to be paid for a 12/23 job by February 2. They claimed they mailed a check on two separate occasions. Finally I sent them a demand letter on March 4 and copied the signing service, the lender and their client on the letter. I didn’t expect a response from the other three but I thought it was important that they know what type of business Notaroo was operating. I received an e-check that evening but still haven’t received any of those paper checks that were “mailed.” It’s very frustrating to try to work with vendors who don’t provide automatic payments. I don’t really want to spend my time hounding them to get paid for my services.


Please try using the e-check. I have a regular client that uses them and the process works very well. My bank/credit union has accepted them for over 5 years.

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CA. Looks like they love to say they sent the payment. That happened to me too. After several emails I asked them to send me a picture of the check, of course, they did not do it. The check finally arrived. The check was dated Jan 25, 2024, and I received it Feb 29! They probably make the check and keep it in a drawer for days…

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Same thing happened to me with that company. To avoid issues , I’ll update my w9 annually

Wow , they are paid paymasters