Title 365 new application and contract?

I’ve been working with Title 365 a.k.a. Xome for quite some time. They recently sent me their “new” application and contract saying they are requiring it from all new and existing notaries. Some of the application and contract requirements are over the top impractical, restrictive, and in some cases extremely absurd. Has anyone else experienced this?

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I like the new system because we no longer have to negotiate. They pay us our requested fees. No more haggle

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I’m not sure what you are referring to?

Before they would blast a $90 fee and we would have to email to request a higher fee. Now if your fee is $150, the order will come to you for $150. At least this is my experience


If Title365 is agreeing to pay your fee as you described, that is fortunate for you. However it’s not a provision in their new contract. My attorney advises against signing their contract. Says it contains language that is restrictive, coercive and breaches privacy. I’ve never seen anything like it in all my years.

A lot of signing providers are adopting contracts like this to berate signing agents and keep themselves indemnified of responsibility for their conduct and error. We only really have the option to agree or look for work elsewhere. What can we do?

I received that application as well. Since Title 365 took over Xome I’ve had no issues getting the fees that I require.

My issue is not with the fees. It’s with the contract and some of the stipulations they are asking us to agree to. For example, I’m not okay with them sharing my background check (personal info) with other companies.

I have had 11 closings for title 365. 0 Errors & all the signings went great! They told me since I dont have 2 years of notary experience, they will not send me any new orders. I’m disappointed!

How much experience do you have?

210 signings all error free. Started in july. over 200 hours of training this year.

I’ve been with them since they were Xome and they told me the same thing. They are still sending me signings. They’ve been really bad about Right Hand vs. Left Hand for months now.

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