Title asking for copy of Notary's ID

So I recently did a Deed package signing at a couple’s house. They were selling their current property. The title company that sent the paperwork required not only for the seller’s to send a copy of their IDs but also the notary’s ID (driver licenses used). It was made clear in the paperwork that not complying would interfere with the closing. I never in the 7 years I’ve been doing this work been required to send my ID anywhere. They also had me signing a page stating I saw their ID and am enclosing a copy of them. They wanted a notarization stamp added to my signature which I did not provide. Instead, noted on the page that I can not notarize my own signature. Anyone else run into this?
PS: we were unable to reach them on the phone during appointment.

That’s a new one. Nope never been asked by a TC for MY Driver’s License in the 30 years I’ve been doing this. Been asked to ‘notarize my own signature’ often and don’t.


@signwithmichele My direct experience mirrors @Arichter 's as noted above.