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Are there any other companies like SnapDocs?

SnapDocs is a platform, signing companies use SnapDocs to find signing agents and to manage their communication and document delivery to signing agents.
So, my question is are you looking for other platforms or databases to list your information with? Or are you looking for more signing companies to work with?

More signing companies

Both. It seems that SnapDocs shouldn’t be the only platform like this.

There probably are more platforms, but honestly I hope not!

What most new signing agents don’t understand that platforms, like SnapDocs, are very damaging to business for signing agents.
Because signing companies have to pay a hefty fee to use SnapDocs they take that cost out of what they are willing to pay the signing agent, which means that the signing agent makes less money. Companies that used to pay over $100 per signing before using SnapDocs now tend to pay only $75-$90 per signing, if that much.

Also, when companies use platforms like SnapDocs it means that you will have a LOT more competition for business. They simply blast out requests and usually the fastest / cheapest signing agent gets the assignment. Competition may be good for the signing company, but this type of competition can be detrimental for the signing agent.

So, while platforms like SnapDocs may be “convenient” it is ultimately the signing agent who pays for that convenience, figuratively and literally.

I personally stopped working with platforms like SnapDocs years ago. I have direct business title company clients who call me FIRST and who pay me a MINIMUM of $150 per signing. Finding direct business does take more time and effort, but it is absolutely worth it!


Signix is amazing. Best one IMO- They listen to the notaries and make the changes. They have been around for 8 years and work with a few other industries as well. And you can still make good money. Also have to consider how much you save on gas, paper, toner etc. and especially time.

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Thank you for sharing!


Can you tell me more? I went to Signix’s website, and it looks like they just deal with esigning docs. Have you gotten signing agent work from them?

Hi there! I dont want you to think I am ignoring your question! I will give you detail as soon as this day ends. I have a webinar I have to do tonite @ 7CT then I will answer your questions… I JUST started with them, but from the groups I am hearing from they are staying super busy. I will answer asap.

I am sorry this is late! If you or anyone are still wondering about Signix I got some links that you can share if you want to let other notary’s check it out so I hope this helps some who may be on the fence with this particular platform https://signix.referralrock.com/l/1MICHELLEBE77/

I pulled their explanations from the Acadamy we are given access to and so I hope this helps answer some of the questions that may be out there. So start with this:
Digital signatures should not be confused with digitized signatures. A digitized signature is a graphical representation of a handwritten signature. Digitized signatures are usually created using an electronic signature pad or by scanning a handwritten signature from a paper document.

Though these types of signatures might look official, they offer virtually no security against tampering. Anyone you send this type of signature to could copy your signature to make it look like you signed documents you’ve never seen.[Read our blog post] (http://www.signix.com/blog/bid/99443/Digitized-Signatures-vs-Digital-Signatures-A-Complete-Comparison) on the differences to learn more.

What is an electronic signature?

An electronic signature, as defined by the ESIGN Act, is “an electronic sound, symbol, or process, attached to or logically associated with a contract or other record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record.”

This definition of an electronic mark is deliberately very general, to allow technology companies to find the most cost-effective types of electronic signatures for different purposes. State, national, and international laws all tend to define signatures in this generic fashion, although numerous international laws establish a preference for the “digital signatures” used by SIGNiX.

Digital signature technology has been used for decades, which means it is highly standardized and accepted. A digital signature essentially links a “fingerprint” of the document at the time of signing with an identity credential (a digital certificate), and the result is permanently embedded into the document.

A digital signature proves integrity by clearly showing when a document has been changed or tampered with. The signature also uniquely identifies the signer and can provide additional information about the time of signature, providing significant non-repudiation.

Because digital signatures travel with the document and are based on industry and international standards, they can be verified independently without requiring the document to check back with a server. Digital signatures are also more widely accepted internationally than electronic signatures.

What kind of electronic signature does SIGNiX use?

SIGNiX uses a specific type of electronic signature known as a “digital signature." Digital signatures are a highly secure type of electronic signature. They use coded messages that are unique to both the document and to the signer. The digital signature protects the document against tampering and uses advanced [identity authentication methods]

(http://www.signix.com/how-it-works/digital-signature-identity-authentication/) to prove the identity of each signer. SIGNiX provides secure, convenient and affordable signatures to companies of all shapes and sizes.

eNotaryDox Information

“Thank you for signing up with our new eNotaryDox platform. We are excited to help notaries all across the country to expand their business online.”


Real Estate or ZipLogix Questions

If you are trying to sign a document that was sent to you by a realtor or that involves any sort of real estate transaction (buying / selling a property, signing a rental agreement or lease, etc.) then you are more than likely using an integration with our partner company ZipLogix.

Our partner company ZipLogix prefers to handle all support directly, so we are more than happy to direct you to them whenever you’re having an issue. Even if you have reached a part of the process that is within the SIGNiX e-Signature solution system, you will still need to contact ZipLogix to start a support ticket. If they cannot help you directly, then ZipLogix will gather the necessary information to escalate tickets to SIGNiX Support in order to have everything resolved following proper procedure.

If you see any of the following in the emails you have received about documents to sign, then you indeed using a ZipLogix product and must direct all questions and issues to their support team.

  • Digital Ink
  • Zip Forms
  • CAR
  • ZipCommunity.
    This is not me trying to gain from any of you but one page said if anyone wanted tolearn more than what was offered when you google their site to give them this link.
    https://signix.referralrock.com/l/1MICHELLEBE77/ but I am sure some of these links wil work as well… Hope this helps some @davismobilenotary3! and anyone else as well.