Title Company bypassed the Hiring Service

I just got off a call with a Notary friend who wanted to make this post to poll advice but didn’t want her name out there just in case…so i told her i would do it for her.

Situation: Order was assigned to her from the signing service, one that she has done multiple closings for all error free for the past few years. On this signing the borrower was a no show and because of the relationship and the fact that she waited at the residence for half an hour she was told that she would get her full fee.

Fast forward a week later the title company officer seeing that she was the original Notary assigned called her directly and asked her to go back out and offered her twice as much as she was paid going through the signing service.

Her question to me is:
1- Should she have referred them back to the original SS that hired her?
2- Should she let the SS even know?
3- Would this be considered stealing their client?
4- Should she have charged the same amount she was paid by the SS so it doesn’t appear like she was trying to steal their client?

It got me thinking… what would I do?

SSS. Sign, ship, and shut up! LOL
But definitely a tough call. Has she performed might suggest she ask the TO if they plan on using her again directly if they do a great job, and how much work might that look like … but it’s not stealing a client IMO because the TO approached her first. This has been a discussion item on the Tuesday Titans in the past, and the group and leadership consensus was it was not a steal but, rather good fortune, as I recall.


Her question to me is:

1- Should she have referred them back to the original SS that hired her? NO
2- Should she let the SS even know? NO
3- Would this be considered stealing their client? NO
4- Should she have charged the same amount she was paid by the SS so it doesn’t appear like she was trying to steal their client? NO

She did not take it upon herself to solicit this company - the title company chose to directly contact her. I agree with @bruce.inspirations - SSS. Who knows? Maybe this title company or LO had a falling out with the SS and doesn’t want to use them any longer.

This second contact was initiated by the TC - which is their prerogative. tell her be happy, do a good job and yes, she might put a bug in the LO’s ear about using her all the time.

Let us know how this works out.


I can see both sides.

My response is: Judgement call on her part. She’s the only one who can judge the possible risk - losing a solid long-term client that apparently values her enough to give her a full fee on a no-show - versus the possible benefits of gaining orders direct from a title company.


I definitely would have graciously accepted. It’s not stealing work if the Title contacted you directly. I had this same talk with a realtor just the other day. I closed on a house he sold. The title how has several offices an hour or so away usually closes in office but apparently doesnt drive the hour to my town. I was hired through a signing service via snapdocs. We lose so much money that way. I told him Id be more than happy to come back.

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SS would most probably consider it stealing a client if they found out.

So… if I walked into a store looked around and as I walking out the sales person says here take these earrings I think they would look lovely on you… would that be considered stealing or a gift? Just asking??? Playing the other side of that coin is why would it be considered her stealing a client as opposed to the client stealing the Notary🤔… lol… sorry that’s how my brain works

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Under the circumstances, I don’t think your friend’s stealing their account. I just think that’s how the SS would see it. The TC is the one stealing your friend. The SS would have to ask themselves why is the TC calling your friend behind their back and offering her double their fee, if the TC’s intention is not to hire her directly in the future?


I agree with Bruce its not a steal if they approached her directly and naybe they approached her for a reason

I had this happen to me one time. I was hired by a SS for a signing. A few days later, title called me directly for the same signing. They told me the SS has been overcharging them for a long time and they are tired of it. They told me they would still like me to go for a fee well less than the SS was charging them but well more than the SS was paying me. I mean, don’t bite the hand that feeds you and you won’t get dropped by the source!

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In this specific situation I probably wouldn’t tell the SS what occurred and take good care of the TC.


NO! I absolutely did not! I made sure the TC also did not tell that SS what was happening because I do get a lot of business from that SS. She assured me they would just cancel it without much explanation. On the other hand, while I get a lot of business from that SS, now I know they underpay me every time even though my fee is set above national average due to the area.


Don’t you think we may see more of this type scenario - the TC deciding to cut out the middleman? Not sure how this is any different than an employer deciding to hire someone permanently away from a temp agency. Its a win-win to both parties.

I’m seeing a subtle uptick in TCs reaching out to me when they start having problems with SS. I’ve picked up two out of state TCs who are now sending work directly to me. If the TC is keeping you ‘busy’, keep them happy.