Title/Mortgage Co Relationships

Hey all! I’d like to know does anyone have a strategy to deal directly with Title/Mortgage companies? I’ve sent promo swag to a few with no real commitment. Just wondering does anyone have any suggestions to remove the ‘middleman’ due to the low ball offers?

Sorry to tell you that working ‘direct’ with local title co’s is an area-specific thing which may or may not work in your area.

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@notary54 Over the years, my experiences have been a mirror-image :mirror: to @Arichter 's experience regarding interfacing with /garnering Signing Orders [SOs] from local Title/Escrow Companies [T/ECs] ===>>> not-so-hotsa . . .

Receiving Signing Orders from T/ECs is truly VERY area-specific. The Escrow Officers [EOs] often state that all their courtesy closing work is performed ‘in-house’ (by their own employees).

More often than not, professional signing agents [PSAs]/Independent Contractors [ICs] are perceived as ‘competition’ by local TCs.

On a very sporadic basis, local branches of Nationwide TCs will reach out when staff are on holiday & when they need additional support or if their workload becomes overwhelming/they need assistance with meeting their deadlines. This is truly a blessing when it arises, but over the years it’s proven to be quite a RARE occurrence.

Also, the Notary Café database has a plethora of immediately available data located within threads already present on this topic. If you do a database Search, you’ll find considerable additional information is available at your fingertips that will be helpful to you. :white_check_mark:



Exactly… in my area, the local TCs (some of which ARE affiliated with big national TCs) view me as the competition. Even if they didn’t, they always have someone in-house available. Frankly, they’d question my intelligence if I even asked about handling their closings.


TCs have been swamped with NSA looking to go direct. This has resulted in TCs using signing services. That’s what’s happening in Texas.

Working for local title companies can be very frustrating. You have to drive to their office, collect and sign documents, and then spend time packaging the loan in their copy room. Despite all your efforts, you are often treated poorly, almost like a janitor.

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