Title Office and Cash Outs?

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Question for beginner in New state requirements; looking for clarity on when given an assignment and the message say, “TITLE OFFICE REQUIRED” and the type of transaction is “Cash Out” …does this mean i have to find and rent an office??


If you’re in Texas, yes - you need to find a title office or attorney’s office willing to rent you space to conduct the signing - and this will require an additional fee to be paid - you don’t eat this cost. So if your signing fee is, say, $150 and the attorney/title office wants $50 for use of the space, your fee quote to hiring party is $200


thank you so much, so appreciate your respose

@LindaH Wow! Nice to know thanks for the information!

You can either use a attorney or title office. Yes! in Tx the fee ranges from $25-$50. Title companies normally want rent out unless it is one of their loan. Good luck with that.

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thank you, really appreciate the feedback

I don’t think there’s any law that says that you have to have an actual physical office space a certain location. I think that you should be able to set up shop in a broom closet if that’s all the space you’ve got.

Incorrect. It’s Texas law.

This from the NNA:


Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) loans are subject to Article XVI, Section 50 of the Texas Constitution. Title 7, Section 153.15 of the Texas Administrative Code, clarifies that the closing must occur at the permanent physical address of a lender, an attorney, or a title company. This includes an indoor office or a parking lot."

Also in TX statutes? Little known fact - with HELOCs the borrower is to get a copy of the “signed” documents - not a blank copy. It’s a TX Constitution thing - here’s the link to the pertinent section

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Just an FYI,
For anyone whose state does allow them to use any type of office space you can rent office space online for as low as $45/$50. Regus or virtualx or just Google office space for rent.

Do you just call around? Any suggestions as to where to start in search of a law office. I get notifications all the time to do cash outs but haven’t accepted any of them.

Absolutely accurate @LindaH-FL