HI everyone,
I’m brand new. I did search before asking. What are your thoughts on title365/Xome?
Thanks in advanced.

Hi emay2708,

First, welcome to Notary Cafe! I don’t do a lot of business via Xome/365, but the few signings I’ve had with them have been basically fine. Packages a bit large, pay a bit low (usually $90). distance moderate. For me, still worth having in the mix until such time as I have enough higher paying signings to no longer take theirs.

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Thank you for the information sir.

Title 365 now has a new and improved APP yet I have problems setting it up and its support desk is non-existent


They turned me down in an emailed sent yesterday bc I’m new and they want at least more experienced. I understood and will try again my a out 6 months to a year