TN750 Toner

So I just purchased a new printer that uses the TN750 toner. I am looking for an inexpensive option for the drum and the toner that is reliable and won’t cause print quality issues.

If you could provide a place where I could order this on line and it has worked with no issues for you I would greatly appreciate it. The Brother brand is so expensive.

What kind of printer? has your toner for $24.89/cartridge (high yield); need the printer brand to look up the drum


Brother 5450DN … I got a real great deal on EBay and it’s dual tray

Have you purchased from them personally?

Yes - I used to get my toner and drums from them - never a problem and they ARE quickship

Drum $32.89/$147.79 for OEM

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What’s OEM?…. Lol :joy: …….

Original Equipment Manufacturer . (Dealer Part)

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I just ordered from (OHmyCables and I’ve used their Brother TN 850 High Yield toner cartridges without any problems at all. Instead of the $109 per cartridge charged by Brother, I’m paying $56.97 for THREE (3) toner cartridges from OHmy. Love it!!!

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I went through many brands before finding out that some reduce the quantity of ink in their cartridges (after market that is) by adding a “thinner,” which reduces the quality of the ink. I use the same toner cartridge as you, and some you can literally wipe the ink off with your hand hours after printing. I finally landed with HaloFox through Amazon. $25 for a drum, $30 for 2 high yield cartridges. Never had a problem since. Also keep in mind, ink is like paint and needs to be “shaken” for best results. Gently shake the cartridge side to side to mix “in a safe place” just in case you receive a damaged/cracked cartridge. Also, run one of these (below) through your printer and scanner at least once a month. Multiple uses from one sheet! Hope this helps!

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