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Hello, I’ve never posted here but this was too much of a frustrating experience and I have to warn my fellow notaries. I want to give everyone a heads up on my direct experience with Total Title in OHIO ( direct business )…. I ignored a previous post that said they didn’t pay the notary and went against my better judgement and I sure learned my lesson so I’m paying it forward by posting this warning. The first time they paid very late and I had to chase them for it and go through multiple people to do so. The second time I did a signing for them in December 2023, it’s not February 2024 and not only have I not gotten paid, been lied to about payment being sent a few times and they complained about my fee after they had approved it and weeks had passed. I have emailed, called and texted and was told oh we mailed it, When clearly they didn’t. Beware. Sign at your own risk. Thanks for reading

@goldennotaryllc Sorry you’re experiencing payment difficulties with that business entity.

:pray: Thank You for sharing about your research, risk assessment, results, AND for paying it Forward! Kudos to You!



Find out what the cancellation policy is. Some title companies have a no close no fee policy. One such was that in exchange for first option status you will cancel notary fee if the deal cancels. Tough decision on a company that doesn’t give you a ton of business.

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Is “Total Title” the actual title company listed on page 5 of the CD or the “find-a-notary-business?”

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Here, write a nice note of collection to their attorney(s)





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Thank you for your time and input, The loan definitely closed , the borrower reached out to me afterwords because she also had some issues that were not related to the title company but rather the realtor and other third party side of things . She was very happy with my work and thought I would be helpful even though it was unrelated to my role in the closing, of course I helped her as much as I possibly could and directed her to the proper people that could help.

Update: after much effort in my end I finally got paid but will now move very cautiously with this company, I highly doubt there will ever be a scenario where I would work with them again,

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Yes they are the title company

May I ask how you found this info ? I’d love to know how in case I need to find another business’ attorney if needed, you’re awesome!

First stop, look up the business registration in the state they list the address of the business.
Second Look at “Bizapedia”
Third look at Linkedin, search the business then you’ll find out who works for the company, which you can find out when you search the state.

If a title company skips out on paying a notary that’s a HUGE “no,no!” There’s immediate recourse.

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This is so helpful! Thank you!

I was in the title insurance business for over 40 years.

Look at the Closing Disclosure and/or ALTA Settlement Statement. If Total Title is shown as the Settlement Agent there is no excuse for you not being paid immediately after the loan is actually closed.

If they are the Settlement Agent, tell them you are contacting the Ohio Department of Insurance and filing a complaint. Then do so.

If they are the Settlement Agent, look on page 2 of the CD and see if in “Loan Costs, Section C”, the title insurance underwriter is shown. It will say something like, "Title - Lenders Title Insurance to Total Title for (name of title insurance underwriter). If it gives the name of the title insurance underwriter, tell Total Title you are going to contact (name of the underwriter) and let them know you have not been paid for your Notary services. The do so.

Of course after doing the two things above you might not get any more assignments from Total Title.

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I’m so appreciative of your detailed response and help. I’m blessed to have all this amazing feedback on this great forum. Thank you :blush:

For any business that doesn’t pay? I suggest that you open a ticket with BBB Better Business Bureau, by filing a complaint this should get a response from that company and your payment.
I’m encouraging you to fill out a survey on Google and Yelp. This will help us all avoid non payment. Good Luck fellow notaries.